There are a few things to consider when you are organising an event to make sure it is safe.

Below is some advice to follow and you can always contact our fundraising team if you have any questions by email [email protected] or by phone 01929 406015.

Collections and cash 

Private collections. If you want to collect money on private property, such as in a pub or at a supermarket you need the owner or landlord's written permission.

Public collections. If collecting on the street or in a public place, you will need a license from the Local Authority. Some popular premises for public collections may require you to arrange public liability insurance. It’s worth checking with your contact beforehand.

House to House. We don’t advice collecting money door-to-door as it’s illegal to do so without a licence and there are increasing levels of concern and distrust from the public around these types of collections.

Cash handling. When handling cash at your event, we suggest you organise a safe place to store it such as cash box with a lock or a sealed collection bucket. Then take it to the bank as soon as possible after your event.  

Lotteries and raffles

Raffles and tombola's are a great way to raise money. However, they are governed by complex laws, so please check the Gambling Commission website to find out more.

As a rule, if you are planning a raffle or other game of chance (such as a tombola or duck race) as part of an event, and tickets will only be sold at that event, you would not require a licence for this. If, however, you wish to sell tickets in advance, or to people not attending the event, this would require a licence, or an alternative such as a prize draw. All tickets must be sold for the same price and should not be sold to anyone under the age of 18.
You can contact your Local Authority to apply for a lottery licence. Read our guide to responsible gambling.

Event, alcohol and public entertainment licenses

If your event involves the sale of alcohol and/or live or recorded music, dancing, showing of a film or performance of a play, an indoor sporting event (including a boxing or wrestling match), or any entertainment of a similar nature, you may need a licence. 

You can check whether your event will require a public entertainment or alcohol licence on the Government’s website. Your event venue may already hold a licence, but if not, you will need to apply for a ‘Temporary Events Notice’ (TEN) via your local authority. A TEN usually costs around £20 and you can begin the application process here.  


By organising your own fundraising event in aid of Butterfly Conservation, you are responsible for taking adequate steps to make sure that the event poses no risk to others. Check that any buildings or equipment that you hire are covered. Insurance is often included in the hire fee but not always.  

Before running an event consider whether you need to take out additional insurance. If the event is in your home it is worth checking if your insurance covers you for Public Liability.  

Health and Safety

Risk Assessment. It is worth doing a risk assessment before the event to ensure any risks can be removed or prepared for.

First Aid.  If you have members of the public at your event you may need first aid cover. This will depend on how many people are involved, the type of activity they are doing, and what first aid facilities are already available at the venue.

Speak to your local St John’s Ambulance or British Red Cross about any first aid requirements.

For more Health and Safety advice and information visit

Children and photography 

If you want to use photographs of children from your event you will need written permission from their parent or guardian. It is always worth checking with adults that they are happy for their own photo to be taken as well.

Use our permission form to ask for consent.

Always ensure that children are safe and accompanied by a parent/guardian. Children should not be allowed to ask for or collect money without an adult.

Printed publications 

If you produce any publicity materials to promote your fundraising event please 

include the following statement:

"Butterfly Conservation is a charity registered in England & Wales (254937) and in Scotland (SC039268). This event is raising funds for Butterfly Conservation.

Butterfly Conservation is very grateful for this support and delighted to accept the proceeds, but is not liable for this event."

Data protection

Make sure any electronic or paper record you keep about people involved in a fundraising event complies with data protection law. 

As a rule of thumb, don't keep information about people any longer than you have to, and don't share information or data about someone without their permission. More information can be found in our data protection policy statement.