You can get in touch with your friends, colleagues, the press and your local community.

Get social

Wood White (male & female) - Bob Eade

A wonderful way to spread the word is on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. You could set up your own social media page for your event.(Here's how to do it on Facebook). 

Why not get the conversation going by holding competitions, or offering special deals for your followers?

You can also use social media to keep people posted, share photos of your progress and generally boost the excitement about your event.

Help local media to tell your story

 Purple Thorn - Rob Blanken
Purple Thorn

You can't go wrong with promoting your fundraising activity through local media. You might wish to get in touch with news desks at local newspapers or try to get the local radio and television stations interested in your event.

You could also invite the local press to attend your event on the day if appropriate – send an invitation two weeks in advance. Include an invite for one of their photographers to come along too.

Spread the word at work, school and among your friends

Green-veined Whites - Rob Blanken
Green-veined Whites

Don’t forget your email contacts and internal websites, newsletters or noticeboards. Your friends, colleagues and employers will often be keen to hear your news, see pictures and follow your progress.


Share with us

We'd love to see photos of your event. You can send them to us at [email protected]