We would not be the organisation we are without the support of our volunteer community. In 2021, more than 7,000 volunteers gave the equivalent amount of time as 92 full time members of staff to help save butterflies, moths and the environment.

Volunteers weeding and seeding a new scrape

There are many different opportunities to support our work. No matter what your level of knowledge, how much time you have to give or what motivates you to volunteer, your contribution is warmly welcomed, and hugely appreciated.

“There are so many opportunities. Any help is welcome and important and will have a huge impact. Whatever interest or skill set you have, you can find some way to apply it.”
Nathan Jones, Volunteer Branch Committee Chair

You do not need to be a member of Butterfly Conservation to volunteer with us, and you certainly do not need to be an ‘expert’. While it is true that many of our volunteers have a long-held passion for butterflies and moths and are extremely knowledgeable, there are also plenty of people who simply want to make a positive contribution to help our environment. The personal benefits are many. Volunteering with us can offer a fun, sociable and rewarding experience while providing the opportunity to learn something new along the way.

“We have a team of six regular transect walkers. We all share an interest in wildlife but none of us are specialists. We have all learned so much.”
Maggie Moss, Transect Coordinator

There are many benefits to volunteering with us.  As a volunteer, you can:

  • Make a difference for butterflies, moths and people in your local area.
  • Meet people with similar interests, working towards a common goal across the UK.
  • Learn more about butterflies and moths.
  • Develop skills and experience in a professional environment.
  • Access training for your role.
  • Access wider learning opportunities and resources.
  • Receive support from your Key Contact.
  • Request a reference from us.*
  • Claim expenses incurred while volunteering with us.

Use our volunteer search to find opportunities near you, have a browse through the categories below, or meet our volunteers to hear stories from those involved.