There are many ways to volunteer for us, from counting butterflies and moths, to helping organise activities, improving spaces for wildlife or inspiring people to do more for butterflies, moths and the environment. 

Check our volunteer opportunity search for ways you can get involved near you or from home.  

Ways to Volunteer

There’s a wide range of ways you can support our work as a volunteer.  Here’s a flavour of how you can get involved:

Recording & Monitoring
Engagement & Education
Practical Conservation
Admin or Branch Support
Youth Panel


Recording & Monitoring
We run several recording schemes for butterflies and moths which give us vital data about how they are faring across the UK.  We use this data to influence government policy, inform conservation decisions and evidence our work.  

We have a wide range of recording and monitoring roles, from going out a couple of times a year to survey a site, to co-ordinating recording volunteers, verifying data and supporting data analysis:

  When is the role active? On site? Volunteer from home? Who benefits?
Role Spring Summer Autumn Winter      
Transect Surveyor       Butterflies
Transect Co-Ordinator     Butterflies, People
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey (WCBS) Recorder          Butterflies
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey (WCBS) Champion     Butterflies, People
County Recorder (Butterfly or Moth)   Butterflies, Moths
Verification Assistant   Butterflies, Moths
Threatened Species Surveyor ✓* ✓* ✓*  ✓*    Butterflies, Moths

*Depending on species


Engagement and Education

Our work to connect people to nature has never been more important and there are many ways you can get involved.  Our engagement and education work is centred around our goal to create 100,000 Wild Spaces for butterflies and moths in the UK and you can support this by planning a programme of events, running or helping out at an event, running activities with children or by raising funds to support our work. 


  When is the role active? On site? Volunteer from home? Who benefits?
Role Spring Summer Autumn Winter      
Engagement Events Co-ordinator     People, Butterflies, Moths
Event Leader ✓* ✓*   People, Butterflies, Moths
Event Volunteer  ✓* ✓*   People, Butterflies, Moths
Engagement and Education Volunteer ✓*     People, Butterflies, Moths
Volunteer Fundraiser ✓** People, Butterflies, Moths


** Optional



We carry our practical conservation work on a range of sites, including nature reserves and partner-led sites.  Plan, lead or join a practical conservation event (often known as a “work party”) to create habitat for butterflies and moths, help us manage our reserves by checking livestock, fences and sites, or champion a species to encourage more people to conserve them. 

  When is the role active? On site? Volunteer from home? Who benefits?
Role Spring Summer Autumn Winter      
Practical Conservation Events Co-ordinator     People, Butterflies, Moths
Practical Conservation Group Leader  ✓* ✓*   People, Butterflies, Moths
Practical Conservation Group Volunteer  ✓* ✓*   Butterflies, Moths
Livestock Looker        Butterflies, Moths
Volunteer Warden    People, Butterflies, Moths
Species Champion  ✓** ✓** ✓** ✓**   Butterflies, Moths
Volunteer Conservation Adviser (coming soon) People, Butterflies, Moths


**Depending on species 

Admin or Branch Support 

Our admin and Branch roles are critical to our work as people who volunteer this way make things happen and helps us spread the word about our work.  You can help by getting involved in your local Branch, recruiting volunteers, creating a newsletter, spreading the word through social media or maintaining our web pages. 

  When is the role active? On site? Volunteer from home? Who benefits?
Role Spring Summer Autumn Winter      
Branch Chair People, Butterflies, Moths
Branch Secretary   People, Butterflies, Moths
Branch Treasurer    People, Butterflies, Moths
Volunteer Co-Ordinator ✓* People, Butterflies, Moths
Branch Membership Secretary  People, Butterflies, Moths
Branch Newsletter Editor (E-news or printed)  ✓* People, Butterflies, Moths
Admin Support   People, Butterflies, Moths
Digital Champion   People, Butterflies, Moths
Volunteer Media Editor   People, Butterflies, Moths
Volunteer Website Administrator   People, Butterflies, Moths