Become a Benefactor Member of Butterfly Conservation and make the biggest impact.

As a membership organisation, Butterfly Conservation relies heavily upon the support on individuals to help fund our critical work of protecting butterflies, moths and the environment.

By upgrading your standard membership to become a Benefactor of Butterfly Conservation, you will play a bigger part in putting nature on the path to recovery.

You will not only provide extra support to help ensure we can act now, but you also help us plan for the long-term. As many of our most threatened butterflies and moths rely on long-term conservation action to protect and maintain their highly specialist habitats, long-term efforts are crucial.  

Swallowtail Butterfly Tote Bag

There’s a long way to go to help reverse the declines of butterflies and moths, but with your increased commitment we can work to create a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy. 

A Benefactor membership costs just £10 a month for up to two people and is renewable annually.  

Upgrade today to continue to receive all the great benefits you get with your standard membership, plus our exclusive Swallowtail Butterfly tote bag and pin badge, only available to Benefactors.

How to upgrade:

To upgrade your membership to a Benefactor, email @email or phone 01929 406045.

Never want to renew again? Become a Life Benefactor

If you never want to have to worry about renewing your membership again, why not become a Life Benefactor? Simply make a one-off payment of £1,000 for a single membership or £1,100 for a joint membership. 

As a Life Benefactor, you’ll receive your tote bag, a golden butterfly pin badge, a Butterfly Conservation ballpoint pen and a certificate with a thank you from Vice President Chris Packham.
Our Benefactor memberships are available as both a single and joint option.

If you would like more information about Benefactor or Life Benefactor membership, email @email 


Join now

Individual Life Benefactor membership costs £1,000.

Joint Life Benefactor membership costs £1,100.

To join, please complete and return this form, or call us on 01929 406015. 

Plus, you’ll enjoy the knowledge that you are giving extra support towards helping to protect butterflies, moths and the environment… And you’ll never need to worry about renewing your membership again!

(Joint membership includes two pin badges and joint invitations to events)