Fight butterfly and moth declines with flowers. Find out how you can make a difference with just 1 square metre of outdoor space.


Create your plot

Download and print this free guide to transform an area of your outdoor space into a pollinator paradise. Discover which plants are best for butterflies and moths, which to choose for a flowerbed and which are perfect for pots. 

Humming-bird Hawk-moth

More than a metre?

Get gardening inspiration for a bigger plot, plant more nectar for butterflies and moths or experiment with caterpillar foodplants. 

Alan Titchmarsh

Take care in your garden

The choices you make in your garden can impact on wildlife in many ways. Alan Titchmarsh has got some great advice to help you welcome pollinators into your garden and be kind to the environment.

Peacock - Dean Morley

Be inspired

See wildlife-garden landscapers, The Butterfly Brothers, in action, creating their plot for pollinators and get some expert tips on how to choose the best plants for butterflies, moths and bees.