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European Swallowtail - Matt Berry

European Butterflies Group

The European Butterflies Group (EBG) of Butterfly Conservation aims to promote the enjoyment, conservation and study of butterflies, moths and their habitats in Europe.

As an individual, you can join Butterfly Conservation's European Butterflies Group, which is a fully fledged branch of BC and works with BCE partners to further European butterfly and moth conservation. They have contacts all over Europe and do surveys in collaboration with BCE partners for rare species or to provide data for local atlases.  The EBG newsletter is produced twice a year and sent by email has a wealth of information on where to see butterflies in Europe.

Clouded Yellow Butterfly - Iain H Leach

European butterfly ID

Send us your photographs of butterflies for identification.

Please attach your photographs (no more than two per email) as JPEG files and email us.

Try to tell us:

  • WHERE e.g. Location (nearest town or village), Country and preferably a GPS coordinate using Latitude and Longitude e.g. N46°41'13.21" E023°32'47.22". Please also add the nearest region or town or city so we can locate it more easily.
  • WHEN e.g. date as DD/MM/YYYY
  • ALTITUDE in metres, if possible
  • WHO - Your name and whether or not you are an EIG member
  • WHAT - Tell us what you think it is. We recommend Tristan Lafranchis 'Butterflies of Europe' for identification.


Camberwell Beauty - Peter Eeles

Butterfly Conservation Europe

Butterfly Conservation Europe (BCE) was formed in 2004 to act as an umbrella organisation to promote and coordinate conservation of butterflies and moths across the continent.

It runs its own pan-European conservation projects and works through partner organisations in countries throughout Europe.

Butterfly Conservation is pleased to be the BC Europe Network Partner within the United Kingdom. It is represented on the Governing Board and contributes financially to its work. It also supports its work through the European Butterflies Group.

Painted Lady - Gary Richardson

Migrant Watch

The Painted Lady butterfly and Humming-bird Hawk-moth are arriving from Europe and Africa and becoming increasingly common in the UK. To find out just how common, we need your help.

Butterfly Conservation is running a project to map the arrival, spread and departure of migrant insects online. 

If you have seen either the Humming-bird Hawk-moth or the Painted Lady in Britain and Ireland, please follow the link for the appropriate species and help us track the impact of climate change on migration.

Get involved 

Volunteer with us

Butterfly Conservation relies on the support of thousands of volunteers, and we are always looking for more help inside the office and out in the field. Whether you want to volunteer at a local branch, get outside and help manage our nature reserves, or help with one of our events, we have something for everyone to get involved in! Your time can make a real difference.

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