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European Butterflies Group

The European Butterflies Group was established in 2006 and is similar in constitution to a B.C. local branch. The group promotes the study, conservation and enjoyment of butterflies, moths and their habitats in Europe. 

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The group circulates information on European butterflies and moths to members and partners in Europe, encourages butterfly and moth recording in Europe, facilitates contact with recording schemes and encourages the production of local atlases. The group publicises the plight of butterflies and moths which face threats such as habitat destruction, land abandonment and climate change, it facilitates activities outside the UK in which members can participate in survey and conservation work and assists the work of Butterfly Conservation Europe.

Purple-shot copper - Tamás Nestor

More about European Butterflies Group

The European Butterflies Group organise an annual photographic competition. The images selected are used for the European Butterflies Group calendar. The calendar can be purchased from our sales page.

We promote the study of European butterflies by offering an annual European Butterflies Group research bursary (normally of €600) to assist with travel and other expenses.

We also run the Marsh European Lepidoptera Award scheme in partnership with Butterfly Conservation, the aim of the Award is to recognise the efforts of those whose work has had a major and positive impact on butterfly and moth conservation within Europe. The Marsh European Lepidoptera Award was presented for the first time in 2009.

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Butterfly Conservation Europe

Butterfly Conservation Europe (BCE) was formed in 2004 to act as an umbrella organisation to promote and coordinate conservation of butterflies and moths across the continent.

It runs its own pan-European conservation projects and works through partner organisations in countries throughout Europe.

Butterfly Conservation is pleased to be the BC Europe Network Partner within the United Kingdom. It is represented on the Governing Board and contributes financially to its work. It also supports its work through the European Butterflies Group.