BC Cumbria Winter Work Parties Autumn 2020

Winter work parties 2020_2021 will be constrained by Government and Butterfly Conservation regulations and guidance.  Most particularly, the number of participants is restricted to six peopleBooking is essential.  Ring Chris Winnick 01539 728254 to book.  If between booking and the work party date, you develop the symptoms of Covid 19 or if you have been in contact with others who are unwell with possible Covid 19 symptoms, or you have been told to be in quarantine  or to self-isolate by the Tack and Trace System, you may not attend the work parties. Please contact Chris Winnick to cancel your place, so that it can be offered to another person.

Our branch work party practices have been reviewed and altered to be compliant with best current practice to avoid infection.

Car sharing is not recommended but if necessary, follow HMG guidelines. Wear a mask, open car windows for ventilation and sanitise contact surfaces. 

At the start of the work party participants will be asked to confirm their freedom from Covid symptoms in the previous ten days.
Gloves will be available but bring your own if wished.  Hand sanitiser will be available (but do bring your own if you prefer).  Face masks may be worn if wished.  Procedures during the work party will be described during registration and the risk assessment.

Please note that restrictions may be relaxed in time easing the work practice or work parties may be cancelled if local infection levels increase.