Lothians Butterfly Report 2022

Lothians Butterfly Report 2022 

Simon Metcalfe

Species accounts of the Butterflies in Lothian in 2022 together with interesting background information on the area. 


White-letter Hairstreak Summary 2017-2018

White-letter Hairstreak Summary 2017-2018
edited by Iain Cowe

A fascinating insight from a number of contributors to the discovery and ongoing searching for this new acquisition to Scottish fauna. 

Small Blue Survey 2017
by Iain Cowe.

A report of the 2017 findings for the few colonies of Small Blue butterfly on the Berwickshire and North Northumberland coast, and how the survey is progressing.

Click on the image to download the report as a pdf file.

Butterfly Atlas of the Scottish Borders,
by  Mercer,  Buckland,  Kirkland and  Waddell.

This new book describes the natural environment of the Scottish Borders and how butterflies fit into it. It is a collaboration between Butterfly Conservation and the Biological Records Centre of Scottish Borders Council. The butterfly records submitted by the public and Butterfly Conservation members form the basis of the distribution maps which are the main data of the atlas. There are species accounts of all  the twenty-eight species of butterflies found in the Borders. These consist of a high quality photo and the distribution map as well as text describing the biology of each species. The data are used to form an assessment of the health of butterfly populations in the Borders. A gazeteer is provided of the best sites for butterflies in the Borders for those who want to get out and do some butterfly spotting.


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Wildlife in the Scottish Borders Parish of Stichill, "Damselflies, Dragonflies and Butterflies"
by Margaret Carlaw and Derek Ogston;
Baillieknowe Publishing, 2010

Two Butterfly Conservation members have produced an excellent booklet describing the Damselflies, Dragonflies and Butterflies of the parish of Stichill, where they live, just a few miles north of Kelso. Although intended for primarily local consumption, it should interest people further afield and perhaps inspire others to create similar publications. Further Stichill booklets covering other groups are planned, including moths and birds.

40 glossy pages with many superb photographs of the species mentioned in the informative text.



Cost £8 (includes p&p)
with all proceeds going to Butterfly Conservation.

Available from the authors (please use branch contact form)