Compact fluorescent bulb assembly

Adding a compact fluorescent light to the trap is quite straight forward. Here is an approach we use for the budget bucket moth trap used in our Introduction to Moth Trapping workshops.


Compact fluorescent bulb

There are actinic compact fluorescent bulbs that, like the actinic tubes, are high in UV and are manufactured for attracting insects in the catering trade. The Wemlite brand one is the most common, but there are others on the market.

There are also ones manufactured to provide desert mimicing lighting for reptile keepers' vivariums. These look white, but come in a choice of UV outputs up to 40% UV.

Power cable

Twin core mains cable (0.5mm or 0.75mm) for the length required.


Mains plug

3 amp fused plug

RCD safety device

Care should always be exercised when dealing with mains electricity. One element of this should be to use an RCD if your mains fuse box is not already protected.

Bulb holder

Most of the compact fluorescents use an ES27 screw fitting.

Mounting bar

We use a length of 30mm uPVC architrave to which the bulb holder is attached. What is best will depend on your trap.

Self tapping screws

Used to attach bulb holder to Mounting bar. We use 13mm x 3.5mm screws.

Cable zip ties

Used to secure the ends of the LED strips to the Tube and the Tube to the Mounting bar

Bulb cover An empty plastic juice bottle with the top cut off such that it is long enough to fit over the bulb and stop any rain getting into its electrics. We use Oasis bottles from Coca-cola and cut round at the neck carefully with nail scissors.


Cable to bulb holder 

Cut the cable to the required length.

Trim and strip cable ends and fit mains plug to one end and bulb holder to the other end.

Attach bulb holder to Mounting bar

Mark and drill pilot holds in Mounting bar and attach bulb holder using self-tapping screws.

Drill hole in side of mounting bar 50mm from bulb holder and secure cable using cable tie.

Mount on your trap

Cut and affix the Velcro to the bar and the lid of the trap.

Optionally drill through the bar and top of the trap and use self-tapping screws or bolts and wing nuts.

Fit bulb and bulb cover The compact fluorescent bulb can be screwed into the bulb holder and the bulb cover placed on top.


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