Pearl-bordered Fritillary Sites in Scotland requiring surveying

The Pearl-bordered Fritillary is a high priority species. It is a UKBAP Priority Species and is included on the Scottish Biodiversity List. It has recently been designated a Species Action Framework Species by SNH. Although still relatively widespread in the UK, most colonies are small and vulnerable to changing management It has declined rapidly across the UK, particularly in England, and Scotland is now the major stronghold but we believe it is still under-recorded with many sites having few recent records, hence the need for this survey.

Owing to the efforts of Butterfly Conservation staff and volunteers over the last 20 years, approximately 270 Pearl-bordered Fritillary sites have been identified in Scotland with the caveat that some could be the very similar Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

However, many of these sites have not been visited in the last five years according to Butterfly Conservation Scotland's records, and some have not been visited for several decades. Therefore, these web pages which list the sites which have not been visited in the last five years (some sites have been included where a visit has been made in the last five years but Pearl-bordered Fritillary was not found) have been constructed to help direct volunteer effort to visit these sites in May 2009.

Please go to the Glasgow and South West Scotland Branch's web page on this survey for more details