Here are the Glasgow & South West Scotland branch's earliest sightings of resident and common migrant butterflies for 2019, as reported to Butterfly Conservation.

To count as first sightings, butterflies must be seen outside and be active (i.e. not in hibernation). If you are confident that you've seen a butterfly species in the branch area this year that has not yet been reported below, please contact @email.

Last Updated: January 5th 2019

Species Date Location Recorder
Chequered Skipper      
Large Skipper      
Small Skipper      
Essex Skipper      
Dingy Skipper      
Clouded Yellow      
Large White      
Small White      
Green-veined White      
Green Hairstreak      
Purple Hairstreak      
Small Copper      
Northern Brown Argus      
Common Blue      
Holly Blue      
Small Blue      
Red Admiral      
Painted Lady      
Small Tortoiseshell      
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary      
Pearl-bordered Fritillary      
Dark Green Fritillary      
Marsh Fritillary      
Speckled Wood      
Mountain Ringlet      
Scotch Argus      
Meadow Brown      
Small Heath      
Large Heath