Atlas of Butterflies in the Highlands & Islands & Moray

The Atlas of Butterflies in Highland and Moray was produced in 2007 and illustrated the dramatic increases of Orange-tip, Speckled Wood, Peacock and Ringlet.  As 2020 approached, the Atlas was 13 years old and Highland Branch decided that an update was needed.  Like the previous Atlas, the update is based on records held in Butterfly Conservation's "Butterflies for the New Millennium" database and includes all records up to and including 2019 and as well as covering the Highlands and Moray, unlike the 2007 Atlas, the new Atlas also includes the Western Isles and Northern Isles within the branch area.

The Atlas is available to download free of charge to ensure that everyone has access to this information, however, if you are able to give a small donation to download it would be most appreciated - please click here to donate.  Thank you for your support.  Please click the link below to see the Atlas, the individual species pages are also available to download separately.

57.001 Dingy Skipper
pdf 55.22 KB
57.004 Chequered Skipper
pdf 168.96 KB
58.003 Orange-tip
pdf 179.48 KB
58.006 Large White
pdf 179.04 KB
58.007 Small White
pdf 180.63 KB
58.010 Clouded Yellow
pdf 175.27 KB
59.003 Speckled Wood
pdf 182.54 KB
59.004 Large Heath
pdf 181.52 KB
59.005 Small Heath
pdf 161.43 KB
59.007 Mountain Ringlet
pdf 171.14 KB
59.008 Scotch Argus
pdf 169.77 KB
59.009 Ringlet
pdf 185.67 KB
59.010 Meadow Brown
pdf 177.54 KB
59.013 Grayling
pdf 188.62 KB
59.023 Red Admiral
pdf 180.63 KB
59.024 Painted Lady
pdf 186.50 KB
59.026 Peacock
pdf 176.74 KB
59.028 Camberwell Beauty
pdf 161.20 KB
59.031 Comma
pdf 173.62 KB
59.033 Marsh Fritillary
pdf 180.19 KB
61.001 Small Copper
pdf 177.44 KB
61.004 Purple Hairstreak
pdf 192.03 KB
61.005 Green Hairstreak
pdf 166.74 KB
61.010 Small Blue
pdf 178.85 KB
61.018 Common Blue
pdf 189.28 KB