2019 Annual Report

A huge thank you to our County Butterfly Recorder Mike Easterbrook, and Data Project Manager John Bangay, for the mammoth task of verifying and compiling the year’s data, to Richard Oram for producing this report, and of course to everyone who submitted their sightings, without which this report would not exist. 

The provision of the Annual Butterfly Report follows the point when we have handled all of the sightings data for the year, in this case 2019. It did take us longer to handle than we had hoped, this being due to our inability to meet during lockdown, and to some extent, the difficulty contacting recorders to check sightings during lockdown. However, the end result was the acceptance of just under 62,000 records. This compares favourably with the just under 22,000 records handled for 2018. The increase relates to the use of our new processes, the fact that there were 2 of us working on the data, our ability to handle data from more sources, and the growing number of sighting records arriving from you. Just for a little reassurance, we have been recommending that you enter your non-Transect data via iRecord. I can confirm that our total for 2019 did include all available records downloaded from iRecord. In fact we collected 6,711 records from iRecord, about 10% of our total records.

As a final note, please try to get all your 2020 data entered by the end of December, as we will again be obtaining our downloads, of 2020 data, in January.