County Recorder Mike Easterbrook’s eagerly awaited book on the butterflies of Kent & South East London is nearing completion. Presenting data gathered over the period 2003-2019, this project is the culmination of several years of work and many thousands of records. Mike is being supported with his venture by fellow Branch Committee members Peter Kirby and Peter Riley.

To help with publication costs we are offering you the opportunity to sponsor a species. For a donation of £100 you will receive your name or a dedication alongside your chosen butterfly in the book. To pledge your sponsorship, please get in touch with Branch Treasurer, Trevor Manship @email.

For the many talented photographers out there, we’re also inviting submissions of photos of each species, taken in Kent, to feature in the book. We are looking for each stage of the life cycle, from egg to imago. If you have a great photo that you would be happy for us to use, please email it to Mike at @email for consideration as soon as possible. Photos must be in high resolution digital format.

As a reminder images of the 42 resident Kent butterfly species are shown below, along with several migrants that are also available for sponsorship.

Species that are available to sponsor are in colour and have a green tick in the bottom right corner 
Species that have already been sponsored are greyed out and have a red cross in the bottom right corner

Dingy Skipper - Photo by Iain Leach
Dingy Skipper
Grizzled Skipper - Photo by Bob Eade
Grizzled Skipper
Essex Skipper - Photo by Iain Leach
Essex Skipper
Small Skipper by Iain Leach
Small Skipper
Silver-spotted Skipper - Photo by Bob Eade
Silver-spotted Skipper
Large Skipper by Allan Drewitt
Large Skipper
Clouded Yellow - Photo by Bob Eade
Clouded Yellow
Brimstone - Photo by Tamas Nestor
Large White - Photo by John Murray
Large White
Small White - Photo by Adam Gor
Small White
Green-veined White - Photo by Iain Leach
Green-veined White
Orange Tip - Photo by Adam Gor
Orange Tip
Green Hairstreak - Photo by Tamas Nestor
Green Hairstreak
Brown Hairstreak - Photo by Bob Eade
Brown Hairstreak
Purple Hairstreak - Photo by Bob Eade
Purple Hairstreak
White-letter Hairstreak - Photo by Iain Leach
White-letter Hairstreak
Small Copper - Photo by Bob Eade
Small Copper
Small Blue - Photo by Iain Leach
Small Blue
Brown Argus - Photo by Bob Eade
Brown Argus
Common Blue - Photo by Peter Withers
Common Blue
Chalk Hill Blue - Photo by Trevor Wilson
Chalk Hill Blue
Adonis Blue - Photo by Andrew Cooper
Adonis Blue
Holly Blue - Photo by Iain Leach
Holly Blue
Duke of Burgundy - Photo by Adam Gor
Duke of Burgundy
White Admiral - Photo by Iain Leach
White Admiral
Purple Emperor - Photo by Iain H Leach
Purple Emperor
Red Admiral - Photo by Adam Gor
Red Admiral
Painted Lady - Photo by Iain H Leach
Painted Lady
Small Tortoiseshell - Photo by Iain Leach
Small Tortoiseshell
Comma - Photo by Iain Leach
Dark Green Fritillary - Photo by Iain Leach
Dark Green Fritillary
Silver-washed Fritillary - Photo by Tamas Nestor
Silver-washed Fritillary
Heath Fritillary - Photo by Iain Leach
Heath Fritillary
Speckled Wood - Photo by Bob Eade
Speckled Wood
Wall - Photo by Ryszard Szczygiel
Marbled White - Photo by Iain H Leach
Marbled White
Grayling  ​
Gatekeeper - Photo by Andrew Cooper
Meadow Brown - Photo by Peter Withers
Meadow Brown
Ringlet - Photo by Andrew Cooper
Small Heath - Photo by Iain Leach
Small Heath
Swallowtail - Photo by Matt Berry
Long-tailed Blue - Photo by Bob Eade
Long-tailed Blue
Camberwell Beauty - Photo by Peter Eeles
Camberwell Beauty
Large Tortoiseshell - Photo by Adam Gor
Large Tortoiseshell
Scarce Tortoiseshell - Photo by Peter Eeles
Scarce Tortoiseshell