If fresh air, physical work and a deep sense of satisfaction are what you are after, then look no further! By volunteering at a work party, you will help with essential tasks to restore or maintain important butterfly and moth habitats.When you join a work party you will learn all about the specific habitat requirements of target species and how to manage for them. While the tasks vary, some features don’t change. You will enjoy friendly company, be provided with hand tools and health and safety equipment and of course the all-important tea and biscuit supplies!

As well as the positive impacts on the environment, conservation volunteering brings a host of benefits including improved physical and mental health and wellbeing, and increased levels of positivity, as a result of the physical activity and contact with green space.  We have more work parties than ever before this season. Please wear appropriate clothing and bring a pack lunch if you plan to stay all day. Get in touch with the site contact if you have any questions about volunteering.

Can you spare a day to help this beautiful, elusive moth?

Sussex Emerald on shingle

Join us on Thursday 21st October 2021 for our Sussex Emerald habitat management day.
Despite having Sussex in the name this moth has only been confirmed to be back breeding in the county this year! We will be clearing existing scrub to ensure the caterpillar food plant, Wild Carrot does not get outcompeted.

We will be meeting at 10am on Rye Harbour NNR car park
Who's joining us in saving wildlife?