The Branch library is kept by Chris Winnick - books are available for borrowing by any branch member by mail order or pick up from:

Our committee member Derrick Smith has looked after our butterfly books for many years and is now taking a well-earned rest. Chris Winnick is now taking on the role of the librarian.

Chris is conscious that he is based a long way from many (in Kendal) but if you are ever passing through give him a ring to arrange to call round and he would be happy to help. Also if you are picking up a book (donated books also welcome), he should be able to arrange collection from Lancaster.  

The library also has lots of newsletters from other branches. If you're planning to visit another part of the country, these are very useful for finding the best butterfly sites by reading their field trip reports or looking at their local atlas.     

Titles available:

​Action for Butterflies - Regional Action Plan - NW England

Action for Butterflies - Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary (Barnett and Warren)

Bird and Butterfly Mysteries (Acworth, Bernard)

Bright Wings of Summer (Measures, David G)

Butterflies and Climate Change (Dennis, Roger)

Butterflies of Britain & Ireland (Thomas, J; Lewington, R)

Butterflies of Cheshire (Shaw, Barry T)

Butterflies of the World (Preston-Mafham, Rod & Ken)

Butterflies on British and Irish Offshore Islands (Dennis, R; Shreeve, T)

Butterflies, Caterpillars & Chrysalides (Moucha, Josef)

Butterfly Farmer (Newman, L Hugh)

Caterpillars of the British Isles (Porter, Jim)

Chequered Skipper (Warren, Martin)

Cheshire Butterfly Recording Scheme – 1994 (Shaw, Barry T)

Cheshire Butterfly Report 1995 (Shaw, Barry T)

Cornwall Butterfly Atlas (Wacher, J; Worth, J; Spalding, A)

Create a Butterfly Garden (Newman, L Hugh)

Field Guide - Butterflies of Britain & Europe (Higgins and Riley)

Focus on Nature Conservation - Chequered Skipper

Focus on Nature Conservation - Sand Dunes

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Butterflies & Moths (Turner, Dr B)

Living with Butterflies (Newman, L Hugh)

Management of Chalk Grasslands for Butterflies

Mediterranean Wildlife (Raine, Pete)

Natural History of Moths (Young, Mark)

Nature Atlas of Great Britain Ireland & Channel Isles (Ordnance Survey)

Nature Watch-Butterflies and Moths (Pardon, John)

New Naturalist – Butterflies (Ford, E B)

Photographing Butterflies & Other Insects (Hicks, Paul)

Red Admiral - Hibernation & Migration (Tucker, Mike)

Status of Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary in West Yorks (Whitaker, T)

Studying Insects - A Practical Guide (Ford, R L E)

Temperature Regulating Strategies in Adult Butterflies (Findlay, J and R_


Butterfly Conservation News

Volumes 39-86; 1987-2004


Butterfly Conservation Booklets

The Red Admiral Butterfly

Woodland Butterflies

The White-letter Hairstreak Butterfly

The Purple Emperor Butterfly

The Swallowtail Butterfly

The Chequered Skipper

Butterflies of the Southern Chalk Downlands


Recording Reports/Atlases

Kent 1998, 1999, 2001

Cheshire & Wirral 1998, 1999, 2001

Yorkshire 1999, 2001, 2003

Norfolk 1984, 1988

Butterflies of the Sheffield Area

Butterflies and Moths of Derbyshire

West Midlands 1995-98

Northern Ireland 1997

Surrey (with SW London) 1998

Lincolnshire 2000

Hampshire & IOW 1993, 1995-2003

Lancashire 1997, 2003, 2004

Beds & Northants Transects 1992, 1999

Lancashire (Merseyside) 1992

Heald Green Railway Cutting 1984, 1993

Somerset Transects 1999

Downland Butterflies 1995

Butterflies of Pembrokeshire Guide 1981

Butterflies of Berks, Bucks & Oxfordshire Guide 1985