On this page you'll find a range of resources and links to help you find out more about moths.

If you have any questions about moths you can contact the branch Moth Officer, Justine Patton, email: moth-officer@lancashire-butterflies.org.uk

Video - Moth trapping and recording (Manchester Festival of Nature 2020) - find out more about running a moth trap and recording the moths you find.

Video - Saturday Moth Morning (25 July 2020) including a presentation from Brian Hancock on breeding pug moths, as well as a presentation from Steve Benner on garden moths.

PowerPoint presentation - Guide to moth traps - confused about moth traps?  This presentation will help you choose what's best for you.

Download our simple guide to seeing moths in your garden.


Test your moth knowledge with our photo moth quiz - the answers are available to download in a separate file.

Moth photo quiz 2020
pdf 143.73 KB
Moth photo quiz 2020 - answers
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Moths in a muddle!  We've also got a moth anagram quiz for you to try.

Moth quiz 2020
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Pug moths of North-west England book - find out about local pug moths, the book is available to purchase from the branch.

Butterflies and Day-flying Moths of Lancashire book - find out more about butterflies and day-flying moths in Lancashire - the book is available to purchase from the branch.

Rare moths in Lancashire - could you help us to find any of these rare moths?

You can find out more about moths, including how to send in your moth records, on the Lancashire Moth Group website.