Here are some fun quizzes to test your butterfly and moth identification skills.  There are no prizes - just a bit of fun!

You can download the questions and answers below.

Moth photo quiz (by Justine Patton)

Can you work out the moth species from the photo clues?  


Vegetative lepidoptera photo quiz (by Rob Petley-Jones)

This quiz features British butterflies and moths whose names include the name of a plant.  There are 30 photos to test your identification skills.  


European butterflies photo quiz (by Rob Petley-Jones)  

How many of European butterfly species can you identify?  


Larvae photo quiz (by Rob Petley-Jones)

How well do you know your caterpillars?  Test your skills in this photo quiz.

ANSWERS - Larvae quiz
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Lockdown butterfly quiz (by Chris Winnick)

Chris put this quiz together to help pass the time during lockdown.  Use the clues to identify 52 UK butterfly species.


Moths in a muddle (by Martin Tordoff)

Can you solve the anagrams to reveal the moth species?