Butterflies are extremely valuable indicators of the state of the environment, so it is important to record and monitor them.

Brimstones - Adam Gor

The data gathered can inform our conservation work and helps to reveal the impact of climate change. Anyone can take part, from butterfly beginners to experienced recorders.

When you enter your records, you need to supply a grid reference. To help with this, we have compiled a list of the common sites in the area and the relevant grid reference.  

County Butterfly Records

Please note down all your butterfly records on a spreadsheet and towards the end of September, either email it or send it by post to John Davison.

E-mail:   [email protected]

Postal records to be sent to:

John Davison, 161 Warley Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN16 1QX

Please consider using the irecord app on your phone..

 County Moth Records

All moth sightings for North Lincs.

(VC 54 - roughly North of River Witham) can be reported to:

Colin Smith, 8 Old Barn Court, Ludford, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 6AZ.



All moth sightings for South Lincs.

(VC 53 - roughly South of River Witham) can be reported to:

Martin Gray, Hollyside, Manor Lane, Broadholme, Lincoln, LN1 2NA

[email protected]


Common Sites
If If a site is not listed, or for something more specific, you can use this Grab A Grid Reference tool.

Ancaster Valley SK984432
Ashing Lane Nature Reserve TF043790
Austacre Wood TF144717
Bourne Wood (East) TF078207
Bourne Wood (West) TF081206
Castle Bytham Quarry - Main Quarry SK990179
Castle Bytham Quarry - Main Quarry  SK990179
Castle Bytham Quarry - Top Banks SK990180
CFW - Chambers Plantation TF1574
CFW - Fiveways TF154743
CFW - Ivy Wood & Minting Park TF145732
CFW - Little & Great Scrubbs Wood TF146742
CFW - Little Scrubbs Meadow TF147744
CFW - Minting & Hatton Wood TF1674
CFW - Minting Wood Exit to Wood Farm TF162735
Chambers Farm Wood (CFW) Butterfly Garden  TF147739
Cleatham Quarry - North   SE9402
Cleatham Quarry - South   SE9401
College Wood TF122753
Colsterworth Bank Sk931250
Covenham Reservoir North TF3496
Covenham Reservoir South   TF3495
Crowle Moor NNR Car Park SE7514
Crowle Moor NNR North SE7515
Crowle Moor NNR South  SE7513
Donna Nook - Stonebridge Car Park TF49J
Gibraltar Point - East (Dunes)     TF55U                      
Gibraltar Point - West (Gibraltar Road)    TF55P
Goslings Corner Wood LWT Reserve TF1475
Great West Woods TF111763
Greetwell Quarry - Carlton BLVD Site SK9972
Greetwell Quarry - Greetwell Road Site TF0071
Greetwell Quarry - Main Site  TF0072
Grimsthorpe Estate - Elsea Pit
Grimsthorpe Estate - Fox Rough
Grimsthorpe Estate - Good Bank
Grimsthorpe Estate - Jubilee Plantation (inc. timber storage area)
Grimsthorpe Estate - New Quarry
Grimsthorpe Estate - New Quarry Meadows (inc. The Hollow)
Grimsthorpe Estate - Old Railway Track (inc. Inner & Outer Glades & Cottage Path)
Grimsthorpe Estate - Pheasant Pen Meadow
Grimsthorpe Estate - Pots & Pans
Grimsthorpe Estate - Rabbit Hill
Grimsthorpe estate - Scottlethorpe Hillside
Grimsthorpe Estate - Scottlethorpe Lane (from cottage to stream bridge)
Grimsthorpe Estate - Swayfield Drift
Grimsthorpe Estate - Swinstead Valley (inc. Gorse Hill)
Hardy Gang Wood TF093748
Heaths Meadow TF484640
Kirkby Moor - Myres Plantation  TF2261
Kirkby Moor LWT Reserve TF2262                          
Laughton Forest - Tuetoes Ride SE846007
Linwood Warren TF133875
Little Bytham Spinney Meadow TF014185
Little Ponton Quarry (disused) SK931325
Mablethorpe North End Car Park TF48Y
Messingham Sand Quarry LWT Reserve  SE9103
Monk/Co-op Plantations  TF043789
Moor Farm LWT Reserve - Meadows   TF2263
Moor Farm LWT Reserve - Rush Bottom Close TF221641
Moor Farm LWT Reserve - Woodland       TF2163
Morkery Wood SK954188
New Park Wood TF151708
North Somercotes Dunes - Howden's Pullover/Toby's Hill      TF49M
North Somercotes Dunes - Samphire Beds TF49N                                     
North Spring Wood TF148701
Osbournby Hill Top TF063388
Ostler's Plantation TF2162
Pickerings Meadows        TF041793
Red Hill LWT Reserve  TF264806
Risby Warren - East      SE91G
Risby Warren - Entrance Track    SE9214
Risby Warren - West    SE91B
Robert's Field LWT Reserve - North (Entrance left field)    TF000150
Robert's Field LWT Reserve - South (Entrance right field)    SK999148
Saltfleetby/Theddlethorpe Dunes - Brickyard Lane/Crook Bank TF48Z
Saltfleetby/Theddlethorpe Dunes - Paradise Car Park  TF49L                                        
Saltfleetby/Theddlethorpe Dunes - Rimac/Churchill Lane  TF49Q
Saltfleetby/Theddlethorpe Dunes - Saltfleet Haven/Sea View  TF49R
Scotgrove Wood TF130702
Scotton Common SK872985
Snakeholme Pit Butterfly Conservation Reserve  TF116715
Snipe Dales - Country Park TF3368
Snipe Dales - Nature Reserve TF3268
Sotby Wood TF186777
Southrey Wood - South (Parking Area East and South) TF135678
Southrey Wood -  Butterfly Conservation Reserve        TF128681
Southrey Wood -Main Track TF132684
Tuetoes Hills SE844014
Tupholme Grassland TF147698
Twyford Forest (General)   SK92L
Twyford Glades BC Reserve  SK951225
Twyford Sanctuary BC Reserve   SK941233
Watts Wood   TF041791
Welton le Wold (disused Quarry) TF285881
West Glen River Valley North     TF0022
West Glen River Valley South    TF0021
Woolsthorpe Line Nature Reserve SK914242

If If a site is not listed, or for something more specific, you can use this Grab A Grid Reference tool.

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