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Workparty 28th March 2020 - Cancelled

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Twyford Blog 2019

15th July: Martin Kew reports......."Another Emperor today on Transect 4 at the Glades."

Purple Emperor at Twyford (Martin Kew) 150719
Purple Emperor (Martin Kew) 150719

13th July: Martin Kew reports....."A late afternoon walk through the woods was rewarded with two Purple Emperors and seven Silver-washed Fritillaries. The first Gatekeepers are out in good numbers too."

29th June: Martin Kew reports........"Walked the reserves this morning and at  the Sanctuary I recorded my first Silver-washed Fritillary of the year.  I was also pleased to record 12 Marbled White just on the transects  at the Glades."

Silver-washed Fritillary at Twyford (Martin Kew) 290619
Silver-washed Fritillary (Martin Kew) 290619

22nd June: Martin Kew reports.....
Saw my first Marbled White of the year at the Glades today. Also recorded my first Ringlets - a couple on each reserve. The Painted Ladies have arrived here as well and I sighted five in between the reserves. 

Ringlet at Twyford (Martin Kew) 220619
Ringlet (Martin Kew) 220619
Marbled White at Twyford (Martin Kew) 220619
Marbled White (Martin Kew) 220619

8th June: Martin Kew reports...........
Walked the Transects on Saturday morning .  It was quite warm with sunny spells and there were plenty of butterflies on the wing. Recorded:  40+ Common Blue, 17 Small Heath , 14 Dingy,  8 Grizzled and my first Large Skipper of the year . Also a couple of Green Hairstreak  and a Small Copper.

Large Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew)
Large Skipper (Martin Kew)

26th May: Field Trip
9 Members defied the gloomy weather forecast to embark on our 2nd. Field Trip of the season. It was good to have Jane Ostler amongst us as she was instrumental in helping me set up our BC Reserves here with the Forestry Commission when she was working for the then Nature Conservancy Council (now Natural England) about 30 years ago!

We went by the usual route on foot into the wood, and around in an anti-clockwise direction, visiting both the Sanctuary and Glades BC Reserves and the broken concrete runways and tracks in between. We payed particular attention to the excellent habitat at the edges.

The sun actually shone in brief episodes when it was warm, but mostly it was bright but cloudy with a stiff breeze. There were a few light, but thankfully short, rain showers,

We were pleased to find all the rarer target butterfly species, and some in good numbers, but many common species failed to show themselves. 

Recording was undertaken for each site, sub-site and area for our Recording Schemes, but for the purposes of this brief Report the totals of the species seen were;



Grizzled Skipper      33

Dingy Skipper          38

Green Hairstreak       1

Common Blue          33

Brown Argus              4

Small Copper             3

Small Heath             12 

Speckled Wood         1

Green-veined White  1



Burnet Companion     3 

Cinnabar                    3 + sev larvae

Latticed Heath            1

Burnet Moth larva       1


Common Spotted Orchid - several

Dyer's Greenweed - large clump

Devil's-bit Scabious - several. groups


Common Lizzard

Green Woodpecker

Peter Cawdell - Leader

25th May:

Alan Armstrong reports.......Absolutely loved it here. Was hoping to see Grizzled Skippers and was not disappointed. Saw dozens!!

Grizzled Skippers at Twyford 250519 (Alan Armstrong)
Grizzled Skippers 250519 (Alan Armstrong)

A great little butterfly that I had only seen once before. Also saw numerous Dingy Skippers, as well as Brown Argus and Common Blues. Also heard 2 cuckoos.


I also enjoyed the historical aspect of the place. Those huge runways and their role in the Normandy campaign. I will go back there every Spring now. I am a member of the East Midlands butterfly conservation group, but I am very impressed with the Lincs. branch.

24th May:

George Pears reports.......

Good turnout on this intermittently sunny day at Twyford. Butterflies spotted were the Brown Argus, Common Blue, Green-veined White, Orange-tip, Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper and the Small Copper. Moths included the Treble-bar, Cinnabar, Mint, Cream Wave and the Green long horned moth. Hundreds of moth caterpillars found included those of the Mottled Umber, Blood-vein and the Pale Brindled Beauty among a few other (as of yet unidentified) species.

Grizzled Skippers at Twyford 240519 (George Pears)
Grizzled Skippers 240519 (George Pears)
Cinnabar at Twyford 240519 (George Pears)
Cinnabar 240519 (George Pears)

16th May:

Dingy Skipper at Twyford 160519 (David Phillips)
Dingy Skipper 160519 (David Phillips)

David Phillips made a visit to Twyford Wood.
Weather sunny periods 16c with a easterly wind.
Warm in the sunshine but the wind kept insects low.
His counts are:-

Dark-edged bee-fly x 1

Orange-tip x 4

Speckled Wood x 3

Dingy Skipper x 16

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford 160519 (David Phillips)
Grizzled Skipper 160519 (David Phillips)

Common Blue x 3

Green Hairstreak x 3

Large White x 1

Small White x 1

Grizzled Skipper x 9

Brimstone x 1 (male)

Burnet Companion Moth at Twyford 160519 (David Phillips)
Burnet Companion Moth 160519 (David Phillips)

Burnet Companion

Good supporting cast with Buzzard
and Red Kite over and continually serenaded
by warblers and a Cuckoo.






12th May: Martin Kew reports.........
Walked the Transects today and with the better weather Skipper numbers are improving with a total of 17 Grizzled and 21 Dingy recorded on the two reserves. Also first this season sightings of a Common Blue and a Small Copper.

28th April:

Mottled Umber larva 280419
Mottled Umber larva (John Davison) 280419


Bit cool for butterflies but caterpillars about including this Mottled Umber.






Fir Cones at Twyford 280419
Fir Cones (John Davison) 280419


Fir Cones look nice as well...........







April 19th: 
Martin Kew reports........"Recorded my first Grizzled of the year today.  One at the Sanctuary and one at the Glades. Also good numbers of Brimstones and Peacocks , several Orange Tips and a couple of Speckled Woods."

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford 190419
Grizzled Skipper at Twyford by Martin Kew 190419

March 9th: Seven volunteers turned up to give our 2 sites their annual trim. A female Brimstone inspected our work at the Glades.


Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (1)
Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (1)


Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (3)
Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (3)


Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (6)
Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (6)
Twyford Workparty 090319 (1)
Twyford Workparty 090319 (1)


Twyford Workparty 090319 (3)
Twyford Workparty 090319 (3)
Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (5)
Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (5)
Twyford Workparty 090319 (5)
Twyford Workparty 090319 (5)
Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (10)
Twyford Workparty by Derek Fox 090319 (10)