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2019: March 23rd 

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Twyford Blog 2018

11th June: Peter Cawdell & I showed Ruth Rolls, the new East Midland Regional Officer, around the Reserves today. They are looking very good at the moment despite a few overgrown areas due to missing this years workparty. We managed to find both Dingy and Grizzled Skippers at both BC sites together with quite a few Small Heaths and Burnet Companions. Common Blue was everywhere, an occasional Large Skipper and a Green Hairstreak on Dyer's Greenweed between sites. A nice Painted Lady was one of the first to greet us.
Among the Common Spotted-orchids at the Sanctury were 3 Bee Orchid and we came across a group of 5 alongside the track on the way back to the cars.


28th May: Louise & Robert Green visited..."My husband & I visited Twyford Wood for the first time. Still very much a novice but just love the butterflies. We just enjoyed our walk in Twyford, no counting just a few photos with my phone, but thought you might like a record of species we saw. Lots of dingy skippers, a few grizzled skippers, plentiful common blues. When we found the BC area we also saw the same 3 species again & also lots of small Heath and one green hairstreak which was in lovely condition and looked newly hatched. There were also several patches of stunning early purple orchids."

27th May: Paul Coombes reports....."Spent the day walking in Twyford Wood, visiting both the Sanctuary and Glades reserves. 
Small Heath (20+) and Common Blue (40+) were my 19th & 20th Butterfly species of the the year. 
Grizzled Skipper (30+) Dingy Skipper (30+) Brown Argus (4) Green Hairstreak (2) Brimstone (1) Orange Tip (2) Speckled Wood (1) plus a few each of Small, Large and Green Veined Whites were seen. 
Also Burnet Companion (10+) & Mint Moth (many). 
Plus a Broad bodied Chaser at the Sanctuary."

21st May: Mark Radford emailed: "A small group of transect recorders from North Derbyshire (Jenny Hudson, Dave Wood, Colin Morris and myself), visited Twyford Wood looking for Spring butterflies, Grizzled Skipper in particular. We weren't disappointed! Weather was very warm at 24 degrees C under cloudless skies and a light Northerley breeze. 102 Grizzled Skipper (33 The Sanctuary, 27 The Glades, the rest on the runway edges), 87 Dingy Skipper44 Common Blue27 Small Heath13 Green Hairstreak (mostly egg-laying females on the ground), 5 Green-veined White4 Brimstone4 Orange Tip4 Speckled Wood3 Small Copper3 Large White2 Small White and a single Brown Argus."

19th May: Martin Kew reports...."I recorded excellent numbers of Skippers on the Transects today with totals of 68 Grizzled and 59 Dingy over the two reserves. They are everywhere at the moment! Also the first Common Blues and Small Heaths are appearing. Add to that 3 Green Hairstreak and a Small Copper and it really was an excellent visit."

David Phillips also visited the Sanctuary Area.....
"Dingy Skipper x 23 - Grizzled Skipper x 21 - Common Blue x 3

Green Hairstreak x 5 - Brown Argus x 1 - Cinnabar x 4

Large White x 1 - Small White x 1 - Orange-tip x 2 - Speckled Wood x 5

Brimstone 1-2

 Plenty of Whites which were either too fast or too far away to positively ID. Also Pyrausta purpuralis (Common Purple and Gold). My colleague contacted you or a fellow Lincs Butterfly Conservation Officer to confirm ID based on his photo. For your information almost all of the butterflies were recorded within your reserve area and the weather was sunny with no wind. Temp recorded on my BBC weather app indicated 18c but it felt more like 21c.   

Good supporting cast of birds with Marsh Harrier, Buzzard, various warblers and two Cuckoos."

10th May: Dennis Tyler and Graeme Baker visited the sanctuary area and after a slow start due to the blustery and relatively cool conditions around noon, were rewarded once the sun made an appearance with:-
15+ Grizzled Skippers
1 Dingy Skipper
3 Green-veined Whites
6 Speckled Wood
1 Green Hairstreak
Numerous Orange-tips

but surprising not a single Brimstone.

9th May: Paul Coombes from Nottinghamshire visited the Reserve and reports - "Paula Sykes and I saw our first ever Grizzled Skipper yesterday at the Sanctuary, Twyford Wood. 5 seen. 4 very flighty but 1 posed for photos."

6th May: Martin Kew reports....."Perfect weather at last. Walked the transects yesterday and recorded the first Grizzled at the Glades. Just the one but good numbers of Green-veined Whites, Orange-tips & Brimstones and a first Speckled Wood also at the Glades."

20th April: Martin Kew reports........"Walked the transects today. No Grizzled yet but recorded 3 Brimstones, 4 Peacocks, an Orange-tip and a Comma. Also numerous Peacocks between the reserves.
I'm sure with this warm weather, the Skippers will be along shortly."

3rd March: The 'Beast from the East' meant that the normal workparty at Twyford had to be cancelled. The view east from the Sanctuary now looks very open (see gallery) as all the trees in that direction between the Reserve and runway have been felled.