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Twyford Wood Blog 2021

9th July : Martin Kew reports......

Visited the reserves this afternoon. Hazy sun but very warm.
 Of note:  My first Silver-washed Fritillary of the year, sighted between the reserves (SK 947232). Good numbers of Marbled White recorded on the transects ( Glades 16, Sanctuary 10 ). Also a very late, but fresh looking Grizzled Skipper recorded at the Sanctuary

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew) 090721
Grizzled Skipper (Martin Kew) 090721

5th July : Richard Tutin e-mailed........
Just a quick message to say I walked Twyford woods today, sightings as follows:-
Marbled White 8, Large Skipper 1, Red Admiral 6, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Peacock 1, Fritillary 1 - Silver-washed we thought, Speckled Wood 3
Plus plenty of Meadow Browns and Ringlets and a couple of Whites.

1st July : Martin Kew reports...
Walked the transects this afternoon in warm sunshine for the most part. I recorded my first Marbled White and Small Skipper on both reserves. Plenty of Ringlets around and also a pleasing number of Small Tortoiseshell.

Small Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew) 010721
Small Skipper (Martin Kew) 010721
Marbled White at Twyford (Martin Kew) 010721
Marbled White (Martin Kew) 010721

13th June : Peter Cawdell reports.......
I visited Twyford Wood this afternoon and there were still plenty of skippers about. I was particularly interested to watch a Grizzled Skipper egg-laying. She was deliberately seeking out creeping cinquefoil leaflets on which to attach her eggs, although there was plenty of wild/barren strawberry in the vicinity.

My full sightings were:


13 DS, 7 GS, 6 CB, 6 SH, 1 GVW, 1 LS. Many Burnet Companion moths, sev, Cinnabar moths, sev. patches of Thyme, plenty of CS & SM Orchids.


14 DS, 8 GS (inc. f egg-laying on creeping cinquefoil), 10 CB, 10 SH, 1 SpW, 1 RA, 1 GVW, 1 old P. Many Burnet Companion moths, sev. Cinnabar moths, patch of 5 Bee Orchids. CS & SM Orchids.


10 DS, 4 GS, 6 CB, 6 SH, 1 'hutch' Comma, Sev Burnet Companion and Cinnabar moths.
Some more Bee Orchids along with Common Spotted and S Marsh Orchids

1st June : Pete Stannard e-mailed
Walked the reserves at Twyford Wood late morning/early afternoon in good weather conditions. Recorded 15 Grizzled Skipper, 20 Dingy Skipper, 1 male Common Blue and 1 Green Hairstreak on the Sanctuary. Walking to the Glades reserve, 8 Grizzled Skipper, 4 Dingy Skipper and 2 male Common Blue were recorded on good habitat in the middle of the north/south runway around SK944 228. On reaching the Glades reserve, 8 Grizzled Skipper, 18 Dingy Skipper, 2 Green Hairstreak, 8 Small Heath, 4 male Common Blue and 1 male Orange Tip were recorded. 

30th May : Richard O'Connor e-mailed
I paid a visit to the butterfly sanctuary in Twyford Wood. I had plenty of dingy skippers, three grizzled skippers, two green hairstreaks and a small heath. 

29th May : Martin Kew reports........

Walked the reserves this afternoon in warm sunshine at last.
 Grizzled numbers have improved but are still low. Good numbers of Dingy Skipper. Also my first sightings of Green Hairstreak, Common Blue and a Holly Blue.
Glades:  Grizzled Skipper 6, Dingy Skipper 24, Small Heath 6, Green Hairstreak 2, Common Blue 2, Peacock 2, Small White 1.
Sanctuary:  Grizzled Skipper 7, Dingy Skipper 26, Small Heath 4 and one each of  Green Hairstreak, Orange Tip, Common Blue, Holly Blue and Green-veined White.

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew) 290521
Grizzled Skipper (Martin Kew) 290521
Green Hairstreak at Twyford (Martin Kew) 290521
Green Hairstreak (Martin Kew) 290521
Moth Pammene regiana at Twyford (Martin Kew) 290521
Moth Pammene regiana (Martin Kew) 290521
Moth Pyrausta despicata at Twyford (Martin Kw) 290521
Moth Pyrausta despicata (Martin Kw) 290521

28th May :  Suzanne Nelson e-mailed....
I visited Twyford Woods late morning today and here are my sightings: Orange Tip (4 males and 1 female), 2 Grizzled Skipper, 13 Dingy Skipper, 1 Large White and 1 Green Hairstreak

23rd May : Martin Kew reports.....
I visited the reserves this afternoon. The weather was still less than ideal and there were very few butterflies on the wing. However I did record my first Small Heath of the season.
Glades: 3 Dingy Skipper, 1 Small Heath and 1 Speckled Wood.
Sanctuary: 5 Dingy Skipper and 1 Grizzled Skipper.
I hope the Grizzled are just waiting for an improvement in the weather like us!

16th May : Martin Kew reports......
Had a walk around the reserves today. Intermittent sunshine but a little warmer. Slight improvement of Grizzled Skipper numbers with 5 seen at the Glades and 2 at the Sanctuary.  Also 11 Dingy Skipper over the  two reserves along with Orange Tip, Brimstone and Green-veined White.

Orange-tip at Twyford (Martin Kew) 160521
Orange-tip (Martin Kew) 160521

13th May : Pete Freeman emailed:
"Visited Twyford Wood this morning, where it was 15 degrees with some hazy sun: The Glades - 1 
Grizzled Skipper and 5 Dingy Skipper. The Sanctuary - 1 Grizzled Skipper and 11 Dingy Skipper. Also noted Orange TipSpeckled WoodGreen-veined White and Peacock."

12th May : Martin Kew reports.......
I walked the transects this morning as the weather had marginally improved. Still not a lot on the wing. I recorded one each of Orange-tip, Dingy Skipper, Peacock and Brimstone at the Glades. Slightly better at the Sanctuary -10 Dingy Skipper, 2 Orange-tip, 2 Peacock and a Brimstone.  I met a B.C. member at the Sanctuary who had seen 3 Grizzled Skipper earlier. Let's hope numbers improve with the weather.

Dingy Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew) 120521
Dingy Skipper (Martin Kew) 120521

6th May : Martin Kew reports.......

First Grizzled Skipper sighted today at the Glades. Quite a cold wind still so it was rather hunkered down in the grass!  Nothing else on the wing apart from a single Orange-tip.

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew) 060521
Grizzled Skipper (Martin Kew) 060521

24th April: Martin Kew reports......

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the reserves this week but as of this afternoon no Skipper sightings yet so a later season than last year. Good numbers of Peacocks however, especially sunning themselves on the runways and several Brimstone, Comma and Small Tortoiseshell. Also a couple of Orange-tip today.

Peacock at Twyford (Martin Kew) 200421
Peacock (Martin Kew) 200421
Comma at Twyford (Martin Kew) 180421
Comma (Martin Kew) 180421

4th April: Martin Kew reports......
Walked first transect (before it turned cold again!) and recorded 13 Peacocks, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and a Comma over the two sites.