Beeston Common 17th June 2017 Report

A very pleasant day with lots of sun and light wind.  18 people attended the walk.  Francis Farrow kindly led us round as it is his patch.

The common is a very impressive place.  Francis explained how it had developed through the years.

The following butterflies were seen.  Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Small tortoiseshell, Red admiral, Large white, Large skipper, Small skipper, Painted lady, Speckled wood, Comma, Small copper.

The following dragonflies were also seen.  Four spot chaser, Emperor, Broad bodied chaser, Keeled skimmer.  Also Azure, Blue tail, Large red, Common blue damselflies.

There were many orchids growing in some profusion.  The following were noted.  Common spotted, Fragrant, Common Twayblade, Bee, Lesser butterfly, Helleborine.

The group all expressed their pleasure at what they had seen.

Report by Bob Carpenter

Photos by Anne Edwards

Beeston Common 1

Beeston Common 2

Beeston Common 3

Beeston Common 4