First Sightings 2022 - Somerset & Bristol

This page shows the first confirmed sighting of butterflies in Somerset and Bristol sent to the Branch Butterfly Records Coordinator.

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Last updated: 28th July
  Species 1st Sighting date Location
  Dingy Skipper 14th April Mendip Hills
  Essex Skipper 16th June Shute Shelve, Axbridge
  Grizzled Skipper 3rd April Mendip Hills
  Large Skipper

19th May

Stockwood Open Space, Bristol
  Small Skipper 11th June multiple locations
Whites & Yellows      
  Brimstone 1st Jan Shapwick Heath NNR
  Clouded Yellow 24th April Catsford Common
  Green-veined White 19th March Glastonbury
  Large White 11th April Wookey
  Orange-Tip 4th March Bleadon
  Small White 27th Feb Taunton
  Brown Hairstreak 27th July Netherclay LNR, Taunton
  Green Hairstreak 15th April Nr Faulkland
  Purple Hairstreak 20th June Shapwick Heath (Sweet Track) & East Woodlands, Frome
  White-letter Hairstreak 26th June Lords Wood
Blues & Coppers      
  Adonis Blue    
  Brown Argus 30th April Mendip Hills & Hatch Hill
  Chalk Hill Blue 11th July Draycott Sleights
  Common Blue 18th April Axbridge
  Holly Blue 22nd March Bath
  Large Blue 28th May Green Down
  Small Blue 14th May Draycott Sleights
  Small Copper 27th March Shute Shelve
  Comma 2nd February Nailsea
  Painted Lady 26th March Taunton area
  Peacock 1st January Somerset
  Red Admiral 1st January Somerset
  Small Tortoiseshell 12th January  
  White Admiral 16th June Shapwick
  Dark Green Fritillary 10th June Bossington
  Heath Fritillary 28th May Haddon Hill
  Marsh Fritillary 22nd May Somerset
  Silver-washed Fritillary 11th June Hellenge Hill
  Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary 14th May Mendip Hills
  Gatekeeper 30th May Frome
  Grayling 27th June Nr Bossington
  Marbled White 1st June several reports - Somerset & Bristol
  Meadow Brown

21st May

Ashton Court, Bristol
  Ringlet 6th June Woodspring Bay
  Small Heath 20th April Mendip Hills
  Speckled Wood 17th March Cotford St Luke & Combe St Nicholas
  Wall 19th April Crook Peak