Branch committees run their local branch of Butterfly Conservation and its activities, and in order to do that committee members attend regular meetings and take part in committee decisions.

Non-committee members also play an active role in running the branch activities.

Branch Officers & Committee Members

John Andrews:  Treasurer

Julian Rawlins: Secretary

Sue Davies: Newsletter Editor & Membership Secretary

Ross Harley: Branch Butterfly Records Coordinator & County Butterfly Recorder

  • Email:
  • Twitter:  @SomButterflyRec

Peter Bright: Transect Coordinator & Joint Honorary Warden of Stoke Camp Reserve and Westbury Beacon Reserve

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01749 870640

John Ball: Joint Honorary Warden of Stoke Camp Reserve & Westbury Beacon Reserve

John Marshall

Maggie Moss

John Connolly

Jen Harley: Social Media Coordinator

Associate Committee Members

Chris Iles: Macro Moth Recorder

Penny Wills: Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey (WCBS) Champion

  • Email:

Associate Committee Members may attend regular Branch committee meetings if/when they wish, but they do not have a vote on committee decisions.


Honorary Reserve Wardens

Mount Fancy FarmPost vacant.

Stoke Camp:  John Ball & Peter Bright (Joint)

Westbury Beacon:  John Ball & Peter Bright (Joint)

Haddon Moor:  Dave Ayling  (past committee member)

Media Team

Twitter: Penny Wills & Jen Harley

Facebook Page: Jen Harley, Will Langdon & Sue Davies

Facebook Group: Jen Harley & Simon Phelps

BC 'In Your Area' website: Jen Harley

Branch website: Various