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Butterflies of Surrey Revisited

County Atlas, written/produced by Branch members, published by Surrey Wildlife Trust 2013

Surrey & SW London Branch was created on Jan 1, 1995 (along with Herts & Middlesex) when the original London Branch (1980-94) was split in two - north and south of the Thames. We embrace Surrey (VC17), which includes eight London boroughs:
Croydon, Kingston, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond (south of Thames), Southwark, Sutton, Wandsworth.
Household membership reached 1,000 in 2014 and 1,500 in 2020.

Annual Reports 20132014201520162017, 2018
Chair reports 2018201920202021

Surrey Chairs
2016 Simon Saville
2009 David Gardner
2001 Martin Ellis
1997 Howard Whiting
1995 Stephen Jeffcoate (354 members)
London Chairs
1994 Stephen Jeffcoate
1989 Tony Hoare
1986 Harold Hughes
1980 Ian Hardy

Surrey's 41 regular butterflies

Purple Hairstreak, Small Copper. Blues: Common & Holly; Brown Argus. Whites: Large, Small & Green-veined; Brimstone, Orange-tip. Skippers: Large, Small & Essex. Browns: Gatekeeper, Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Heath, Speckled Wood. Nymphalidae: Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell
Migrants 2
Clouded Yellow, Painted Lady
Heaths 2
Grayling, Silver-studded Blue
Other specialists 14
Purple Emperor, White Admiral, Wood White; Blues: Adonis, Chalkhill & Small; Fritillaries: Dark Green & Silver-washed; Hairstreaks: Brown, Green & White-Letter; Skippers: Dingy, Grizzled & Silver-spotted

Unofficial releases 4

Glanville Fritillary: 2001 Wrecclesham Sandpit, 2011 Hutchinson's Bank
Black Hairstreak: colony discovered Epsom Common 2020, source unknown; since recorded at Ashtead Common, Horton CP & Nonsuch Park. Well established and apparently spreading.
Duke of Burgundy: 2020 Chapel Bank. Thriving in limited habitat.
Marsh Fritillary: 2020 Hutchinson's Bank. Hanging on.

Migrant or release?
Black-veined White: Hutchinson's Bank 2023+

Occasional 2
Large Tortoiseshell: re-establishing in Sussex; occasional Surrey records
Long-tailed Blue: increasingly regular migrant to Sussex 2013+; occasional Surrey records

Other rare migrants 2
Camberwell Beauty, Queen of Spain Fritillary

SURREY's priority species in BC’s SE Conservation Strategy 2016:
Highest Priority (4): Grayling, Wood White; Adonis & Silver-studded Blues.
High Priority (10): Dark Green Fritillary, White Admiral, Purple Emperor; Dingy, Grizzled & Silver-spotted Skippers; Brown & White-letter Hairstreaks; Chalkhill & Small Blues.

LOST, with year of last record
*indicates subsequent short-lived releases
2007 Pearl-bordered Fritillary*
1997 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary*
1997 Duke of Burgundy*
1990s Wall Brown odd records since
1970s Marsh Fritillary*
1960s High Brown Fritillary

Key sites
Ashtead Common, Bookham Common, Box Hill, Chiddingfold Forest (incl Oaken Wood), Chobham Common, Denbies Hillside, Epsom Common, Howell Hill, Hutchinson's Bank & Chapel Bank, Newlands Corner, Pewley Down, Sheepleas, Thursley Common

Nearest regions for GB's other species
Kent Duke of Burgundy, Heath Fritillary, Wall Brown
Sussex Duke of Burgundy, Pearl & Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries, Wall Brown, Black Hairstreak: introduced 1970s, rediscovered 2017
NE Hants Marsh Fritillary: reintroduced 2018
Isle of Wight Glanville Fritillary
Norfolk Swallowtail
West Country High Brown Fritillary, Large Blue, Lulworth Skipper
North Chequered Skipper, Large Heath, Mountain Ringlet, Northern Brown Argus, Scotch Argus

Surrey Atlas Series

2013 Butterflies of Surrey Revisited
2012 Smaller Moths of Surrey
1997 Larger Moths of Surrey
1995 Butterflies of Surrey – out of print


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