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For local access on PC/Mac
1 Click Google Drive 2023-03
2 Download Surrey Butterflies via icon (top right)
3 Unzip (PC right-click: Mac control-click): extract all
4 Drill down to Main.html: voila!

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1 Click Google Drive link above
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How to locate on iPad
1 Files, On My iPad, iZip
2 Ignore (delete) any top-level “Main” links
3 Surrey Butterflies folder: drill down to Main.html

Created by Branch database manager Ken Elsom,
assisted by Bill Downey, Gillian Elsom & Francis Kelly.
We thank transect walkers and other recorders, whose data make this service possible.

BC Surrey & SW London branch covers Watsonian vice-county 17, which includes most of the administrative county of Surrey and part of Greater London.

VC17 Surrey

Surrey geology
Bagshot Sands NE
Bagshot Sands SW
Greensand central
Greensand west
Inner London
London Clay NE
London Clay SW
North Downs central
North Downs east
Upper Weald
Wealden Clay east
Wealden Clay west