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      County Butterfly Recorder
      Records submitted to the above schemes will be received by the County Recorder.
      Harry Clarke: 70 Norwood Road,
      Effingham KT24 5NX

      If you are unable to use iRecord, or have confidential records, please email spreadsheet to the County Recorder, including:

      1. Date
      2. Species name
      3. Number – assumed to be adults unless qualified
      4. Sex if possible
      5. Location
      6. Grid reference
      7. Recorder's name

      Paper Records: accepted if you are unable to submit records electronically.

      MAP: BC Surrey & SW London branch covers Watsonian vice-county 17, which includes most of the administrative county of Surrey and part of Greater London.
      VC17 Surrey

      Species Champions

      Wood White Harry Clarke
      Brown Hairstreak Harry Clarke &
      Bill Downey
      White-letter Hairstreak Bill Downey
      Small Blue Gail Jeffcoate
      Silver-studded Blue Harry Clarke
      Adonis Blue Gail Jeffcoate
      Grayling Graham Cotten

      Surrey Atlas Series

      2013 Butterflies of Surrey Revisited
      2012 Smaller Moths of Surrey
      1997 Larger Moths of Surrey
      1995 Butterflies of Surrey – out of print

      Identification websites

      Identify a Butterfly
      UK Butterflies
      Day-flying Moths