Dec 29 Red Admiral 1 Hill Park, Tatsfield TQ421560 Ruth Yeeles
Dec 29 Red Admiral 1 Leith Hill TQ146444 Jo Hurren
Dec 22 Red Admiral 1 New Malden TQ208698 Ellie Hage
Dec 14 Red Admiral 1 Hill Park, Tatsfield TQ421560 Ruth Yeeles
Dec 14 Red Admiral 1 Winterfold, Cranleigh TQ063427 Francis Kelly
Dec 3 Red Admiral 1 Thursley Moat CP SU899416 Jenny Shalom
Nov 28 Brimstone 1 Frensham Pond SU845400 Dudley Cox,
Piers Devereux
Nov 25 Small Tortoiseshell 1 White Bear, Warlingham TQ389893 Ken Owen, field trip
Nov 25 Red Admiral 1 Polesden Lacey TQ134522 Judith McNickle
Nov 24 Comma 1 Banstead Woods TQ260585 Duncan Jennings
Nov 16 Red Admiral 1 South Reigate TQ244488 Jo Hurren
Nov 16 Red Admiral 1 West Clandon TQ048513 Matt Phelps
Nov 13 Red Admiral 1 Redhill TQ279518 Thomas Blumire
Nov 11 Red Admiral 1 Banstead TQ258526 Duncan Jennings
Nov 11 Red Admiral 2 South Godstone TQ354468 Richard Stephens
Nov 3 Small Copper 1 Richmond Park TQ207725 Peter Carlill
Nov 2 Holly Blue 1 Reigate TQ254493 Jeremy Early
Nov 2 Red Admiral 1 New Malden TQ206677 Bill Stone
Nov 2 Red Admiral 1 Reigate TQ257485 Graham Saxby
Oct 31 Brimstone 1 Mid Holmwood TQ165459 Jo Hurren
Oct 31 Brimstone 1 Albury TQ046579 Peter Conway
Oct 25 Brown Hairstreak 1 The Nuttery, Banstead TQ272575 Duncan Jennings
Oct 20 Brown Hairstreak fem West Clandon TQ048513 Matt Phelps


Oct 17 Peacock 1 Ewell TQ196642 Chris Reeves
Oct 17 Speckled Wood 1 Ewell TQ196642 Chris Reeves
Oct 17 Speckled Wood 1 Earlswood Lakes TQ269483 David Hunter
Oct 15 Brimstone 1 Chessington TQ179653 Nigel Jackman
Oct 11 Peacock 1 Battersea Park TQ276774 Finlay Taylor
Oct 10 Common Blue 1 Guildford SU951036 Keith White
Oct 10 Brown Hairstreak 1 Leatherhead TQ158578 Wendy Tagg
Oct 10 Painted Lady 1 Nonsuch Park TQ266339 Peter Camber
Oct 3 Painted Lady 1 West Clandon TQ048513 Matt Phelps


Sep 22 Painted Lady 1 South Godstone TQ354468 Richard Stephens


Sep 19 Brown Hairstreak 1 Denbies Hillside Allotment TQ146990 Jenny Desoutter
Sep 15 Small Copper 156 Richmond Park TQ197733 Nigel Jackman
Sep 14 Chalkhill Blue 1 Epsom Downs TQ218583 Viv Lingard
Aug 31 Clouded Yellow 5+ Denbies Hillside TQ135501 Jenny Desoutter


Aug 30 Small Copper 72 Richmond Park TQ197733 Nigel Jackman
  18 Sidmouth Slopes, 17 near Pen Ponds cafe, 10 The Bog, 10 above Lower Pen Pond


Aug 29 Swallowtail 1 Hankley Common SU884399 Philip Underwood
Aug 23 Chalkhill Blue (post cacea) 1 Denbies Hillside TQ135500 Mick Rock


Aug 23 Clouded Yellow (helice) 1 Bookham Common TQ120560 Peter Clarke
  The helice form occurs in 10% of females


Aug 22 Clouded Yellow female (helice) 1 Ewhurst Brickworks TQ110370 Francis Kelly

Aug 22 Brown Hairstreak (female) 3 Blindley Heath TQ360460 Richard Stephens


Aug 14 Clouded Yellow 1 Dukes, Box Hill TQ164494 Richard Stephens, Field Trip


Aug 8 Adonis Blue 1 male 2nd brood Denbies Hillside TQ134499 Marian Thomas


Aug 7 Brown Hairstreak male Cranleigh TQ041396 Nick Broomer
Jul 24 Silver-washed Fritillary male Morden Hall Park TQ260267 MHP Nature Group


Jul 18 Marbled White 1 Richmond Park TQ192743 Bob Snellgrove
  "My first Marbled White in Richmond Park after being a close resident for 70 years."
Jul 17 Silver-spotted Skipper male Broadwood's Folly TQ176523 Francis Kelly


Jul 14 White-letter Hairstreak 2 Broadwood's Folly, Box Hill TQ176522 Jo Hurren
Jul 10 Grayling 1 Dawney Heath SU945566 Gerry Pearson
Jul 8 Chalkhill Blue 6 Merrow Down TQ026498 Gillian & Ken Elsom
Jul 5 Gatekeeper 1 Cucknells Wood TQ038430 Andrew Kingston
Jul 3 Clouded Yellow 1 Tice's Meadow SU869486 Twitter
Jun 27 Purple Emperor 1 Bookham Common TQ124563 Rob Hill
Jun 25 Purple Hairstreak 1 Wimbledon Common TQ228723 Les Hill
Jun 25 White Admiral 8 Oaken Wood SU992338 Nick Broomer
Jun 25 White Admiral 10 Bookham Common TQ122566 Simon Saville


Jun 25 Silver-washed Fritillary 1 Oaken Wood SU988337 Nick Broomer
Jun 25 Silver-washed Fritillary 1 (male) Bookham Common TQ126562 Simon Saville


Jun 24 Monarch 1 Knaphill SU965584 Marc Cottington


Jun 24 Comma (2nd Brood) 1 Blindley Heath TQ368449 Richard Stephens


Jun 21 Small Skipper 1 Richmond Park TQ194733 Nigel Jackman
Jun 18 Dark Green Fritillary 2 Newlands Corner TQ039491 Eloise Stradling
Jun 17 Essex Skipper 1 Leatherhead TQ167584 Helen Middlemas
Jun 15 Ringlet 1 Blindley Heath TQ368449 Richard Stephens
Jun 15 White-letter Hairstreak 1 Chapel Bank TQ382615 Martin Wills
Jun 10 Swallowtail 1 Newdigate Garden TQ201396 Stephen Whitmore


Jun 10 Marbled White 2 males Pewley Down TQ009489 Francis Kelly
Jun 7 Silver-studded Blue 3 males Fairmile Common TQ119617 David Hasell


May 29 Meadow Brown 1 Box Hill TQ188509 Ian Lawson


May 29 Orange-tip on Garlic Mustard Merrow Down TQ0149 Ken Elsom
  1 Ovum so orange it must be close to hatching
2 Newly hatched larva eating its own, now translucent, egg shell
3 Slightly older larva showing droplets on the end of its hairs

May 26 Large Skipper 1 Box Hill, Dukes TQ187510 David Hasell


May 23rd Small Tortoiseshell + Peacock 1 each Merstham Downs TQ300544 Ken Owen


May 15 Glanville ab. wittei 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ386610 Greenie O'Hare

May 12 Glanville Fritillary 2 Hutchinson's Bank TQ386610 John Parish
May 12 Adonis Blue m & f Denbies Hillside TQ144499 Marian Thomas
May 12 Brown Argus 1 Dukes Box Hill TQ184511 Ken Owen
May 8 Clouded Yellow 1 Riddlesdown TQ330601 Mick Rowland
May 8 Wood White 5 Chiddingfold Forest SU987337 Branch field trip
May 7 Painted Lady 1 Bookham Common TQ125562 Vicky Gibbon
May 6 Small Blue 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ382614 Martin Wills
May 6 Small Copper 2 Richmond Park TQ192737 Nigel Jackman


May 6 Small Copper 1 Smithwood Common TQ052412 Francis Kelly
May 5 Small Copper 1 Fames Rough TQ263572 Stephen Reisbach
May 5 Common Blue 1 Denbies Hillside TQ148500 Michael Jones
May 4 Small Heath 2 Denbies Landbarn TQ134498 Bill Downey


Apr 21 Dingy Skipper 1 Quarry Hangers TQ317537 Bill Downey
Apr 20 Green Hairstreak 1 Denbies Hillside TQ139500 Bill Downey
Apr 17 Grizzled Skipper 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ390608 Bugboy (UK Butterflies)
Apr 12 Orange-tip m & f Cranleigh TQ066390 Arthur & Anne Norton
Apr 12 Orange-tip male Bookham Common TQ130557 David Hasell


Apr 12 Large White 1 Box Hill TQ183511 Ken Owen
Apr 3 Holly Blue 1 Barnes TQ224771 Matthew Lloyd
Apr 2 Green-veined White 1 Tice's Meadow SU865487 Lindsay Patterson
Mar 26 Orange-tip 1 Hankley SU886413 Non member
Mar 21 Speckled Wood 1 Roehampton TQ216739 Stephanie Evans


Mar 17 Small White 1 Redhill TQ283503 Ken Owen
Mar 11 Comma 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ390069 Martin Wills
Feb 26 Brimstone 1 Royal Common, Elstead SU906432 Simon Riley


Feb 24 Small Tortoiseshell 1 Woking TQ008599 Geoff Eaton
Feb 23 Red Admiral 1 South Godstone TQ350467 Richard Stephens
Feb 11 Red Admiral 1 Leatherhead TQ565181 Dave Kiddell
Feb 2 Red Admiral 1 Queen Mary's Woodland TQ275626 SNC Volunteers
Jan 31 Red Admiral 1 Epsom TQ225634 Peter Camber
Jan 24 Peacock 1 Send TQ028552 Carey Lodge
Jan 10 Red Admiral 1 Roehampton TQ220754 Matthew Lloyd