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Ken Owen

And to end the 2019 season, there was a festive sighting of a Red Admiral in London and a second one in the easternmost part of Surrey on the penultimate day of the year

Dec 30 Red Admiral 1 Limpsfield TQ401528 Sonya Miller-Smith
Dec 25 Red Admiral 1 Balham TQ290428 Mark Patterson

Red Admirals were again to be seen in November in Horley, Redhill, Surbiton and South Croydon (3rd), Addiscombe (5th), Cranleigh, and Surbiton again (6th), Oxted (7th), Chessington (10th), Kew (13th)

Nov 29 Peacock 1 Richmond Park TQ197734 Sandra Hucks
Nov 13 Brimstone 1 Chapel Bank TQ386608 Anna Guerin
Nov 4 Comma 1 North Cheam TQ239658 David Sykes
Nov 3 Small Tortoiseshell 1 Addlestone TQ054643 Toni Sawyer

Latest sightings: Red Admirals continue to be seen across our area in the latter part of October (noted in Walton-on-Thames, Reigate, Coulsdon, Cheam, West Horsley, Croydon and Wimbledon), and Speckled Woods to a lesser extent (Surbiton, Rotherhithe).

Oct 27 Painted Lady 1 West Humble TQ164518 Mike Weller
Oct 27 Peacock 1 South Godstone TQ350525 Richard Stephens
Oct 22 Brimstone 1 Godstone Farm TQ353509 Sue Smith
Oct 22 Brimstone 1 Epsom, Castle Heath TQ197598 Helen Middlemas
Oct 22 Painted Lady 1 Surbiton TQ170660 Marian Thomas
Oct 22 Speckled Wood 1 Epsom, Castle Heath TQ197598 Helen Middlemas
Oct 20 Comma 1 Chaldon TQ316563 Brian Smith
Oct 15 Peacock 1 Ashtead Common TQ169595 Pamela Harwood
Oct 15 Meadow Brown 1 Box Hill, Dukes TQ183151 Ken Owen
Oct 14 Small White 1 Globe Theatre, London TQ320805 Charles Farrell
Oct 14 Long-tailed Blue 1(m) Addlestone TQ361365 Kathy Miller
Oct 10 Large White 1 Compton SU958473 Bill Downey
Oct 10 Silver-washed Fritillary 1 Vann, Hambledon SU983374 Mary Caroe
Oct 10 Clouded Yellow 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ377621 Martin Wills
Surrey Long-tailed Blue
Product of Godstone egg
Oct 10 Long-tailed Blue 1 Godstone TQ353475 Richard Stephens
Oct 9 Painted Lady 1 Vann, Hambledon SU983374 Mary Caroe
Oct 7 Humming-bird Hawk-moth 1 Balham TQ290726 Nicholas Moll
Oct 6 Small Copper 1 Puttenham Common SU914465 Steve Marshall

The last days of September saw Brown Hairstreaks still on the wing at Gatwick and Redhill (28th); Common Blues were noted in Reigate and Carshalton (28th). The particularly wet, cool weather in early October restricted sightings. Early in the month, Comma, Large and Small White, Small Copper, Small Heath, Painted Lady, Clouded Yellow, Speckled Wood and Red Admiral were still to be seen.

Sep 26 Small Tortoiseshell 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ384614 Martin Wills
Sep 21 Small Blue m Howell Hill TQ238620 Marian Thomas
Sep 14 White Admiral 1 Bookham Common TQ126562 Stephen Middleton
Sep 11 Long-tailed Blue 1 Strood Green TQ200481 Julia Hatto

Aug 26 Long-tailed Blue returns to Godstone garden. Larvae (above) now emerging! Richard Stephens


Surrey Brown Hairstreak VC17 nearest centraL London
Nearest Brown Hairstreak yet to Central London
Aug 24 Brown Hairstreak f Tooting Common TQ289722 Alan Wilkinson
Surrey Long-tailed Blue
Richard Stephens, female egg-laying on everlasting pea
Aug 19 Long-tailed Blue f South Godstone TQ350525 Richard Stephens
Surrey Asian Swallowtail A Morrison
Andrew Morrison
Aug 15 Asian Swallowtail escape/


Neville Goulton,
Andrew Morrison

The Silver-spotted Skipper has spread along the Downs, with sightings at Fetcham Downs, Polesden Lacey and Juniper Hill.

Surrey Silver-spotted Skipper Peter Brown
Evidence of spread of Silver-spotted Skipper. Peter Brown
Aug 6 Silver-spotted Skipper 1 Juniper Hill TQ175525 Peter Brown
Aug 4 Long-tailed Blue f Caterham TQ324561  Mike Bromley
Surrey LT Blue 2019-08
On sweet pea in garden of branch member Mike Bromley.
Aug 3 Glanville Fritillary 2nd brood Hutchinson's Bank TQ380618 Stephan Morris
Glanville Fritillary
Jul 28 Graylings fem right Pirbright Ranges SU918554 Peter Cureton

All  Surrey & SW London's 42 species of butterfly have now been seen

Surrey Brown Hairstreak J Stather
Jul 22 Brown Hairstreak m Ashtead Common TQ174588 John Stather
Surrey Silver-spotted Skipper G Margetts
Gary Margetts

Jul 20: one of 9 Silver-spotted Skippers reported from Headley Warren by Gary Margetts

Jul 17 Silver-spotted Skipper 1 Norbury Park TQ153549 Julia Collyer
Jul 10 Silver-washed Fritillary
Ab. occelata or valesina
f Capel TQ187482 Nick Ward
Silver-washed Fritillary ab occelata Nick Ward
Nick Ward

Following the abnormally early sighting of a Chalkhill Blue on Jun 2, the first Chalkhills appearing in their usual July period were reported on Box Hill Dukes on Jul 10 by the NT/BC working party

The Silver-studded Blues are a first at this location

Jul 7 Silver-studded Blue fem R Brookwood Cemetery SU952567 Peter Cureton
Surrey SS Blue Brookwood
Peter Cureton

Jul 6, New Members' Day walk on Ashtead Common (fully subscribed by late May): 18 species, incl 5 Purple Emperors & 3 White Admirals.

Jul 6 Grayling 1 Dawney Hill SU952567 Peter Cureton
Jun 29 Silver-washed Fritillary
ab. ocellata
1 Bookham Common TQ123565 Marian Thomas
Surrey Silver-washed Frtit Marian Thomas
Marian Thomas
Jun 28 Dark Green Fritillary 3m, 1f Tugley Wood SU982332 Francis Kelly
Jun 26 Gatekeeper 1 Fairmile Common TQ117617 Marian Thomas
Gatekeeper Marian Thomas
Marian Thomas
Jun 26 Essex Skipper 3 Hurst Meadows,
East Molesey
TQ144690 Mick Rock
Essex Skipper Mick Rock

Over the last two weeks of June an increasing number of Painted Ladies have been seen across Surrey, London and the UK. An invasion is clearly taking place. Jenny Desoutter's photo (Jun 24) was one of a flock seen in Norbury Park. At least 50 were seen over two days (Jun 23-24) in Richmond Park.

Surrey Painted Lady J Desoutter
Jun 22 Purple Hairstreak 1 Bookham Common TQ132568 Alan Lobb
Jun 22 Clouded Yellow 1 Ashtead Common TQ178602 Frank Boxell
Jun 22 Dark Green Fritillary 1 Chiddingfold SU986336 Andrew Reekie
Surrey DGF Andrew Reekie
Surrey Richmond Pk P. Emperor
Sherry Pentek
Jun 20 Purple Emperor 1 Richmond Park TQ200723 Sherry Pentek
Jun 17 Purple Emperor 1 Bookham Common TQ123567 Rob Hill
Jun 17 White Admiral 1 Bagmoor Common SU920429 John Tallon
Jun 16 Silver-washed Fritillary 1 WWT Barnes TQ227767 John Stacey
Jun 15 Small Skipper 1 North Sheen TQ191753 Eleanor Heys
Jun 14 Ringlet 1 Hill Park,
TQ422560 Jim & Ruth
Jun 9 White-letter Hairstreak 6 Tooting Common TQ288715 Alan Wilkinson
Jun 8 Marbled White 1 Denbies Hillside TQ136502 Mike Thurner
Jun 6 Dark Green Fritillary 1 Denbies Landbarn TQ134499 Gail Jeffcoate
Surrey Silver-studded Blue2 Gary Margetts
Surrey Silver-studded Blue Gary Margetts
Jun 6 Silver-studded Blue 2 Fairmile Common TQ117616 Gary Margetts
Jun 2 Chalkhill Blue (f) 1 Denbies Hillside TQ139409 Martin Wills/
Branch walk

Painted Ladies were seen over the first weekend of June in Tatsfield, Brockwell Park and on the group's Denbies Hillside walk.

May 25 Glanville Fritillary 4 Wrecclesham SU847446 Pauline Richards
May 23 Small Copper
ab. schmidtii
1 Tadworth TQ235552 Nicola Sainsbury
May 22 Meadow Brown 3 Chipstead Downs TQ271580 Brian Gardner
May 22 Large Skipper 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ380618 Stephan Morris
May 20 Small Blue 170 Hutchinson's Bank TQ379619 Martin Wills
May 11 Adonis Blue 2 Hutchinson's Bank TQ382615 Martin Wills
May 11 Small Blue 20 Hutchinson's Bank TQ379619 Martin Wills
May 10 Wood White 10 Chiddingfold TQ027346 David Hasell
May 7 Brown Argus 1 Burgess Park TQ327775 Simon Saville
    1 Newlands Corner TQ0449 Steve Chastell
Apr 22 Common Blue 1 Box Hill Dukes TQ184511 Ken Owen
Apr 21 Small Heath 1 Denbies Hillside TQ133499 Marian Thomas
Apr 20 Glanville Fritillary 1 Hutchinson's
TQ379619 Martin Wills
Apr 18 Grizzled Skipper 6 Oxted Downs TQ387543 Richard Stephens
Apr 18 Dingy Skipper 7 Oxted Downs TQ387543 Richard Stephens

Three weeks of cool, cloudy weather finally dissipated in the last week of March; the rising temperatures and return of  sunshine brought out all our hibernators, with Small Tortoiseshell being noted in eight locations (see i-record for details). However, two weeks of cold weather returned with persistent easterly winds negating the effects of the sunshine. Spring only truly arrived with the approach of the late Easter weekend, bringing sightings of Green Hairstreaks, including three at Gangers Hill, and our first Skippers.
Photos: Richard Stephens

Surrey Green hairstreak Richard Stephens
Surrey Grizzled Skipper Richard Stephens
Apr 17 Small Copper 1 West Hanger TQ064489 Ken Elsom
Apr 17 Grizzled Skipper 1 Denbies Hillside TQ152501 Bill Downey
Apr 17 Dingy Skipper 1 Denbies Secretaries TQ151501 Bill Downey
Apr 11 Painted Lady 1 The Oval TQ310777 David Hasell
Surrey Painted Lady David Hasell
Apr  10 Large White 1 Chessington TQ179653 Nigel Jackman
Apr 1 Green Hairstreak 1 Headley Heath TQ192539 Gary Margetts
Mar 30 Small Copper 1 Chobham Common N SU968656 Chris Lamsdell
Mar 25 Speckled Wood 2 Molesey Heath TQ135675 David Hasell
Surrey Speckled Wood David Hasell
Mar 25 Speckled Wood 1 Sheen Common TQ195745 Sarah Elliott
Mar 24 Green-veined
1 Cranleigh TQ059398 Neil Willis
Mar 24 Small White 1 Salfords TQ300461 Jo Hurren
Mar 24 Small White 1 Burgess Park TQ331776 Simon Saville
Mar 24 Orange-tip m Cranleigh TQ082394 Francis Kelly
Feb 27 Holly Blue 1 Reigate Castle TQ252503 Graham Revill

Last week of Feb: further exceptional weather brought widespread sightings of Brimstones and Red Admirals, the occasional Peacock arousing itself from hibernation, and more Small Tortoiseshells and Commas. Details are on i-record. David Hasell noted 36 Brimstones on Epsom Common on Feb 25; returning on Feb 26 he counted 56 in two hours - the photo of one male is on the Ranger's arm.

Surrey Brimstone Epsom Common on ranger

Feb 23, first photo of the year: Brimstone (Richard Stephens), one of seven on Oxted Downs

Brimstone on Oxted Downs
Feb 23 Small Tortoiseshell 2 Hutchinson's Bank TQ380618 Martin Wills
Feb 21 Humming-bird
1 Herne Hill TQ326740 Peter Roseveare

Mid-Feb: a period of warm weather, some five degrees above the seasonal average, combined with lengthy periods of sunshine, produced a flurry of sightings:
Red Admirals: Bookham, Guildford, Leith Hill, Walton-on-Thames, Westhumble & Wisley.
Brimstones: Ashtead, Camberley, Chessington, Denbies, Elstead, Farleigh, Frimley, Guildford, Juniper Hall, Redhill, South Godstone & Wisley.

Feb 15 Peacock 1 Clandon Wood TQ048512 Matt Phelps
Feb 15 Comma 1 Hutchinson's Bank TQ379618 Martin Wills
Feb 14 Brimstone 3m, 1f Hutchinson's Bank TQ379618 Martin Wills
Feb 13 Brimstone 1 Camberley SU891610 Ruth Ibbotson
Feb 13 Brimstone 1 Clandon Wood TQ048513 Matt Phelps
Jan 12 Red Admiral 1 New Domewood TQ342400 James McCulloch