Jun 1, Unstead (L-R) Francis Kelly, Gillian Elsom, Graham McMullen (rear), Judith & Ray Roberts, Nicholas Barnett, Linda Pryke (Surrey & Middlesex Dragonfly Recorder), Ken Elsom, David Hepper (British Dragonfly Society Records Officer  & Webmaster), Rosalind & Richard Swift, Mary Thompson, Jon Billimore. Deborah Simmons



Aug 30 Cranleigh. ABOVE: heading home after season's final field trip. Ken Elsom
: celebrating at Notcutts Garden Centre. L-R Linda & David Lands, Gillian Elsom, Nigel Jackman, Francis Kelly, Andrew Kingston, Geoff Pierce, Ros Knight, Mike Surbey. Martin Wills



July 6, Ashtead Common: admiring a (superimposed) Purple Hairstreak. Nigel Jackman

Surrey Knepp

July 3: Knepp field-trippers, including leader Richard Stephens (3rd left) and Chair Simon Saville (shorts, centre). There were guests from Guernsey & Swansea. Nigel Jackman


May 24 Hutchinson's Bank, closing in on Marsh Fritillary: (L-R) Monica, Peter, Simon, Neil, Nick (kneeling), Andrew, ? Nigel Jackman

Malcom Bridge at Hutchinson's Bridge

May 3, 2023: Malcolm Bridge, centre, leading Hutchinson's Bank's first field trip of the new season. Martin Wills


Surrey 2022-08 Pewley Down

Aug 21, 2022 Pewley Down
: Andrew Kingston, Catherine Walter, Paul Huckle, Francis Kelly, Geoff Pierce, Mike Metherall, Clive Huggins, Arex Li, Ben Geldenhuis, Frosso Miltiadou. Nigel Jackman
: Admiring the reappearance of Adonis Blue: Catherine Walter, Ben Geldenhuis, David Lands, Frosso Miltiadou, Andew Kingston, Eleanor Salt, Geoff Pierce, Francis Kelly, Mike Weller, Graham Revill, Paul Huckle, Mike Metherall, Monica Teo, Linda Lands. Clive Huggins

Surrey 2022 Pewley Down

Michael Friend

Jul 30, 2022, Gomshall-Denbies field trip: Michael Friend explains the view from Pickett's Hole towards Denbies Hillside, Reigate Hill & Dorking, which is featured opposite page 135 in E.B. Ford's "Butterflies". Published in 1945, that was the first volume in Collins'  New Naturalists series, which this year reached number 145 with "Trees". L-R: Tim Hall, Nigel Jackman, Richard Stephens, Michael Friend, Robert Edmondson, Tim Bright, Mike Weller, David & Linda Lands. Photo: Clive Huggins


Surrey 2021-08 Merrow1

Aug 22, Merrow: ABOVE Paul Huckle (right) spots one of 6+ Brown Hairstreaks: looking on (L-R) Monica Teo, Mike Weller (white cap), Andrew Kingston (tripod), Simon Lumsden, Neil Bew (rear), David Lands.
BELOW Andrew Kingston, Neil Bew, Francis Kelly, Mike Weller (white cap), Frank Clark (rear), Linda Lands, Michael Friend (near).
Clive Huggins

Surrey 2021-08 Merrow2

Surrey 2021 Nigel & Emperor2

2021-07-14 Broadstreet Common: Nigel Jackman & Purple Emperor, which he rescued from oncoming lorry. Helen Kelly

Surrey 2021 Epsom Common

2021-06-15 Epsom Common field trip. Nigel Jackman

Surrey field trip 2020-08

2020-08 Masks and social distancing: Train Journey west to Gomshall. Clive Huggins

Surrey trippers

2019-08 Cranleigh refreshments after the 29°C field trip: Bill Swinglehurst (front) then (L-R) Francis Kelly, Paul Huckle, Richard Stephens, Geoff Pierce, David Gough, Martin Wills, Clive Huggins, Mike Metherall. Nigel Jackman

Surrey Train East

2019-08 Train Journey East: Top of the climb to Box Hill Dukes: L-R Robert Edmondson, Tim Bright, Mike Weller, Paul Huckle, David Snow, Mike Rigby & Les Mitchell (rear views), Geoff Pierce, Peter Conway.
Richard Stephens

Surrey train 2019-08

2019-08 Train Journey West: Silver-spotted Skippers courtship on Ragwort, Hackhurst Down.
L-R Clive Huggins, Tim Hall, Francis Kelly, Robert Edmondson, Michael Friend, Andrew Kingston, Tim Bright, Geoff Pierce. Nigel Jackman

Surrey shoulder 2019-08

2019-08 Train Journey West: Mike Weller snaps a Silver-spotted Skipper on Nigel Jackman's shoulder. Clive Huggins

Surrey Knepp 2019-07

2019-07 Knepp (L-R) Tim Bright, Laila & Richard Tillett, Richard Stephens (blue, leader), Mick White, Louise Bright, Francis Kelly, Joan Lowe, David Gough, Stephan Morris (obscured), David & Gill Hanson, Robert Edmondson, Nick Forward, Richard Herbert, Les Mitchell, Janet Cheney, Mike Weller, Steve Lowe, Mike Rigby, Peter Camber, David Rivett. Nigel Jackman

Surrey Amazon

2019-04 Amazon Adventure, UK premiere, Waterloo. Dr Blanca Huertas, senior curator of Butterflies at NHM; Brian May, Queen guitarist; Clive Huggins (BC Surrey Branch), consultant.


2018-02 Branch table at RHS Wisley's Butterflies in the Glasshouse (L-R): Angela Martin, Philippa Young, Geoff Eaton. Clive Huggins



2017-11 Gatwick egg hunt. Ken Elsom

Malcolm Bridge

2017-11 Members' Day: Matthew Oates (left), National Trust Nature Specialist, presents a copy of his latest book "Beyond Spring" to Malcolm Bridge, who retired from the Branch committee after 18 years service. FK


2017-09 Merrow (Warren Farm): Andrew Kingston, Gill Elsom, Mike Weller, Michael Friend, Ken Elsom. Nigel Jackman

2017-08 Bookham Common: Simon Saville consults his map in the forlorn search for a Brown Hairstreak. Clive Huggins


2017-08 Lunch in waterproofs on the Great Train Journey West. Clive Huggins

2017-07 Betchworth Station: (L-R) Les Mitchell, Richard Stephens, Geoff Pierce, Mike Weller, Nigel Jackman, Helen Kelly, Michael Friend, David Hasell, Peter Conway, Francis Kelly, Ben West, Ken Owen. Clive Huggins

2017-07 Headley Heath: Mike Weller tames a female Purple Hairstreak. Top: photographing a White-letter Hairstreak. Photos: Frank Boxell (Hairstreak) & Clive Huggins

2017-07 Ashtead Common: Ken Owen points out a Purple Hairstreak. Richard Stephens


2017-06 Among the Cornflowers at Clandon Wood Burial Reserve. Nigel Jackman


2017-02 RHS Wisley: Janet Cheney & Jorge Rodríguez Pérez. Nigel Jackman


2017-02 Butterflies in the Glasshouse, RHS Wisley: Martin Wills & Ted Forsyth with the Surrey Branch display. Clive Huggins


Blindley Heath

2016-12 Egg hunt, Blindley Heath: (L-R) Richard Stephens, Peter Brown, Trevor Sears, Graham Saxby, Chris Fry, Bill Downey (kneeling), Gillian & Ken Elsom, Lucy Gummer (SWT Ranger, kneeling), Sarah Watts, Steve Mercer, Alistair Curson, Ian Simm, Roger Moody, Megan Simm, Geoff Pierce (right). SWT volunteers in italicsFK

2016-09 Denbies Carriageway Adonis sculpture: (L-R) Jacky Trinder, Francis Kelly, Mike Rigby, Jenny Shalom, Jean Smith, Bruce McLaren, David Hasell. Gillian Elsom

Priest Hill

2016-09 Priest Hill: Val Bradfield (obscured), Gillian Elsom, Marian Thomas, Bruce McLaren (obscuring Stephen Reisbach), Ken Owen, Sandra Sheal, Tim Saunders, Joan Lowe, Graham Cotton, David Robinson (leader), Clive Huggins, Lalage Grundy, Jenny Shalom, Martin Wills. Nigel Jackman

2016-08 Bookham: (L-R) Richard Stephens, Bruce McLaren & Ros Knight with Clouded Yellow (circled) at her foot. Clive Huggins

2016-08 Brookwood Cemetery. Clive Huggins


2016-08 Pickett's Hole, White Down: Malcolm Bridge displays Butterflies (E. B. Ford, 1945), featuring the view towards Ranmore Church (below); reprising the view are (L-R): Frosso Miltiadou, Tim & Louise Bright, Tim Hall (rear), Charlotte Hale, Asha Lutchmun, Mark Jones, Robert Edmondson, Bill Swinglehurst, Emlyn B , Mike Weller. FK

2016-08 Pickett's Hole, White Down: (L-R) John Parish, Frosso Miltiadou, Tim Bright, Tim Hall, Malcolm Bridge, Louise Bright (obscured), Charlotte Hale, Mark Jones, Robert Edmondson, Emlyn B, Asha Lutchmun, Mike Weller, Nigel Jackman, David Gough, Michael Friend, Bill Swinglehurst (sitting), David Walton, Judith Ward, Clive Huggins, Geoff Pierce, Paul Huckle (sitting), John Barkham. FK

2016-08 View from Pickett's Hole: Ranmore Church (left) and St Martin's, Dorking (right); Box Hill Dukes is in the centre, to the left of Reigate Hill and its radio mast. FK


2016-07 Albury Downs: (L-R) Mike Metherall; Mike & Liz Weller, Richard Herbert (all rear); Paul Huckle, John Hodder, Bruce McLaren, David Gough, Sue Webber, Jenny Shalom, Daphne & John (seated) Foulsham, Martin Wills, Sue & Trevor Sears (rear), Clive Huggins, Richard Stephens, Louise & Tim Bright, Asha Lutchmun, Robert Edmondson, Frosso Miltiadou (obscured) & guests Ben & Astrid; Diana Hayes (rear), Val Bradfield, Michael Friend, Veronica & Andy Bezear. Nigel Jackman


2016-07 Great Train Journey East: Paul Huckle braves (non-live!) electric fence. Nigel Jackman

Headley Heath

2016-07 Headley Heath: (L-R) Richard Stephens, Andrew Kingston, Catherine McCusker (NT), Gail Jeffcoate, Martin Scalway, John Barkham, Nicholas Moll, Gill Cann, Bill Swinglehurst (seated), Richard Herbert, Ken Owen, Ronnie Haar, Richard Goldfinch, Peter Camber, David Hasell, Harry Matthews (hidden), Francis Kelly, Mike Weller, Bill & Andrea Bessant, Bruce McLaren, Jenny Shalom, Les Mitchell, Clive Huggins. Nigel Jackman

2016-07 Epsom Common Aenjoying a Purple Emperor: (L-R) Bill Bessant, Andrew Kingston & Frank Boxell (all kneeling); Ronnie Haar, Val Bradfield, Andrea Bessant, Nigel Jackman, Bill Swinglehurst, Judith McNickle, Geoff Eaton, Richard Stephens, David Gough (rear), Michael Friend, Mike Metherall, Lin Matthews. Clive Huggins

2016-07 Epsom Common B: Nigel Jackman

2016-07 Epsom Common C: Clive Huggins

2016-07 Bookham: a swarm of honey bees in the pruned tree at Hundred Pound Bridge provide lunchtime entertainment. Clive Huggins

2016-05 Pewley Down: (L-R) David Gough, Mike Metherall, Christine Shawyer (back), Jean Smith (right), Mike Weller, Harry Matthews. Clive Huggins

Norbury Park

2016-05 Norbury Park: Mike Weller (5th-right) leads the group. Nigel Jackman


2016-05 Brookwood Cemetery. Viewing Grizzled Skipper (L-R): Lin Matthews, Kelvin Richards, Bruce McLaren (kneeling), Margaret Beauchamp, Michael Friend, Jean Smith, Brian Scammell, Paul Huckle, Jenny Shalom, Les Mitchell. FK

2016-04 Ham. Viewing Peacock & Comma in likely hibernation site: Barry Hilling, Paul Huckle, Mike Weller, Bruce McLaren. Clive Huggins


2016-02 Wisley: Mike Weller & Nigel Jackman. Robert Edmondson


2016-02 WisleyMalcolm Bridge engages pupils from Furzefield Primary, Merstham. Geoff Eaton looks on. Graham Revill


2016-02 Wisley: Robert Edmondson, Mike Weller, Sophie Pettit. Nigel Jackman

2016-02 Wisley: Martin Wills (left) & Ted Forsyth. Clive Huggins

Horton CP

2016-01 Horton CP: Brown Hairstreak egg hunt; Gillian & Ken Elsom in foreground. Nigel Jackman



2015-12 Chipstead Downs: Transect Coordinator Bill Downey leads the troops during a Brown Hairstreak egg hunt. FK

2015-12 Priest Hill: Brown Hairstreak egg hunt. David Robinson, Lawrie de Whalley, Jill Hall, Peter Brown, Bob Pike, Jane Lowe, Val Bradfield, Stephen Reisbach, Bruce McLaren, Marian Thomas, Bridget de Whalley, Jenny Shalom, Gillian Elsom, Steve Nevard (SWT volunteer). Bill Downey

2015-11 AGM & Members' Day in Dorking. Jim Asher


2015-11 Branch stand, National Members' Day, Cobham: Phil Boys, David Gardner, Geoff Eaton. Robert Edmondson


2015-10 Richard Bance (left) and Phil Boys, Branch stand, Amateur Entomologists' Society Trade Fair, Kempton Park. Robert Edmondson

2015-08 Bookham rescheduled trip: leader Mike Weller stoops to conquer a Brown Hairstreak, surrounded by (L-R): Paul Huckle, Simon Saville, Bryan Ceney, Richard Herbert (rear view), John Hodder, Christine Shawyer, Eileen Hodder. Clive Huggins


2015-08 Bookham: (L-R) David Hasell (green), Simon Saville (near, green sleeves), Roger Beck (pointing out a Brown Hairstreak), Trevor Sears, Trevor Woodage (checks), Lin Matthews, Jenny Woodage (holding binoculars), Linda Etherington (facing away), Michael Friend. FK

2015-08 Wisley: (L-R) Lin Matthews, Dick Alder, Mike Metherall, John Parish (hidden), Francis Kelly, Jenny Shalom, Simon Saville, Rebecca Dunne, Helen Kelly, Ted Forsyth. Clive Huggins


2015-08 Hackhurst Down: David Hasell leads the pursuit of a Clouded Yellow. Clive Huggins

2015-08 Adonis Blue sculpture, Denbies Hillside carriageway: (L-R) Robert Edmondson, Bill Swinglehurst (front), Ken Owen, Clive Huggins (rear), Tim Hall, Tim Bright, Michael Friend, Phil Boys. Nigel Jackman

Malcolm Bridge

2015-08 Great Train Journey West: Malcolm Bridge (left) at Pickett's Hole. FK

2015-08 Relaxing at Vale End after the walk up to Albury Downs. Clive Huggins


2015-07 Bill Swinglehurst, Michael Friend, Mike Weller & Les Mitchell head the queue for the Great Train Journey East to Betchworth. Clive Huggins