Wiltshire Branch welcomes your moth sightings.  Local information collected by volunteers makes a real contribution to knowledge and directly helps conservation.  

If you are new to Moth recording there is lots more information here to get you started, including how to identify a moth. 

You can send your moth sightings directly to the Wiltshire Moth Recorder using the spreadsheet below.  Alternatively you can submit sightings online to the National Moth Recording Scheme.  For day flying moths or casual observations you may want to record these on iRecord  where you can also record your other natural history records and also easily submit photographs with your records.  If you are using a moth trap, we would prefer you to use our spreadsheet.

A regularly updated macro-moth checklist for Wiltshire can be found here.

If you would like assistance with a moth that you are unsure of then you can:-
Post to our Branch Facebook page: /https://www.facebook.com/groups/ButterflyConservationWiltshireBranch/
Email to [email protected]

Contact: Wiltshire County Moth Recorder, Wayne Clinch.