Small Elephant Hawk-moth (underwing) - Bob Eade



Chair - Clive Patten

I grew up with easy access to the countryside and my fascination with creatures in the local pond naturally soon included insects, birds and animals. My continuing enjoyment of outdoor activities centred on butterflies though changes in the countryside have now diminished suitable habitat for them. I now work to raise awareness and to assist and directly encourage landowners to use techniques that promote woodland and pasture land biodiversity.

Publications Editor - Robin Griffiths
Photo I have been editor of the Branch's Bulletin since 2009. Please send me any articles and photos about butterflies and moths, in Wilts or elsewhere - your Bulletin needs you! I am also voluntary warden of Ravensroost Wood Wiltshire Wildlife Trust reserve and run butterfly transects there and at three other reserves. I am also a keen moth-er.
Social Media - Jenny Grewal
Photo I am a wildlife photographer and veterinary surgeon based in Wiltshire, UK. As you may be able to tell from my two jobs, animals and nature are my passion in life! I joined Butterfly Conservation to learn more about butterflies and help with conservation. I quickly became a committee member (after my first butterfly walk!) and took on the management of the Wiltshire branch Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Landowner Liaison - Hugo Brooke  
Photo I have been a conservationist since growing up on a farm in Essex during WW2, enjoying studying anything that moved. On retirement in 2008 I turned my hobby into a new career and joined Butterfly Conservation as a non-executive director, and Chairman of the Wiltshire Branch 2014-2018.