The aims of the Organisation include the implementation of an equal opportunities policy of no less favourable treatment of any person on the grounds of race, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Butterfly Conservation and Butterfly Conservation Trading Ltd are committed to the furtherance of fair treatment and the absence of discrimination in all of the Organisation's employment-related policies, our conservation practices and procedures involving staff and volunteers, and in providing redress for any breaches of this policy. Butterfly Conservation is working to become an equal opportunities employer.

This policy is founded on the principles of law, fairness and best practice. There are two parts to the policy:

A. Equal Opportunities and the Butterfly Conservation as a Voluntary Organisation

    Statement of Policy:

    • The Organisation recognises that for an equal opportunities policy to be effective it must encompass all areas of its activities.
    • The Organisation aims to achieve an active membership throughout Butterfly Conservation that reflects the composition of the communities it serves.
    • The Organisation will act to ensure that membership activities and events attract people from all sectors of the community and that such activities and events do not discriminate against members of disadvantaged groups.
    • The Organisation aims to ensure that harassment and discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disability or age, are not experienced by individuals and groups when working or visiting our reserves or offices, or attending functions organised by Butterfly Conservation or Butterfly Conservation Trading Ltd.
    • The Organisation will work actively towards achieving equality of access to reserves managed by the Butterfly Conservation or Butterfly Conservation Trading Ltd. Achieving full equality of access on several of our reserves may take time.

    B. Equal Opportunity and the Organisation as an Employer

    Statement of Policy

    • All job applicants and employees have a right to equal opportunities in employment. The Oganisation aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable on the grounds of their gender, race, nationality, age, disability or sexual orientation.
    • The Organisation is committed to a programme of action to make this policy effective in the areas of staff recruitment, promotion, training and in all spheres of its operation.
    • Selection criteria and procedures will be reviewed to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and trained on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. All employees will be given equal opportunity and, where appropriate, special training, to progress within the organisation and to enhance their career prospects.
    • The responsibility for ensuring that the terms of the equal opportunities policy are adhered to and implemented rests with the Organisation as an employer. However, delegated responsibility is given to the Chief Executive Officer who, with the support of an equal opportunities policy standing group, and in consultation with the Organisation's Council, will ensure the implementation of the policy.

    While the main responsibility for eliminating discrimination and providing equal opportunity rests with Butterfly Conservation and Butterfly Conservation Trading Ltd as an employer and voluntary organisation, individual employees and volunteers at all levels have responsibilities too. They must not discriminate or knowingly aid the Society to do so.

    The equal opportunities policy will apply to all members of staff and active volunteers of Butterfly Conservation and Butterfly Conservation Trading Ltd. They will receive a copy of this statement and will ensure that it is promoted and incorporated in all aspects of their work and activities with, and on behalf of, the Organisation.

    In keeping with the Organisation's commitment to the promotion of equal opportunities, Butterfly Conservation and Butterfly Conservation Trading Ltd will make this policy statement known to all job applicants.