Buff-coloured wings with a distinctive pink or brownish-red line across the fore and hind wings. When at rest the wings are held flat so that these markings form a virtually straight line between the forewing tips. The fringes are also a bright pink colour.

They can be seen during the day around low vegetation. They overwinter as larvae which can be seen in July and from September to the following April. They pupate near the ground among plant debris.

Size and Family

  • Family – Mochas and Waves (Geometridae)
  • Small Sized
  • Wingspan Range - 30-46mm

Conservation Status

  • UK BAP: Priority species (Research only)
  • Common

Caterpillar Food Plants

Low lying plants such as Docks, Common Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) and Knotgrass.


Damp places including hedgerows, ditches, wet meadows, gardens and woodland rides.


  • Countries – England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  • Common and well distributed across most of Wales and England as far north as north Yorkshire. Rare in east Scotland. Also widespread in the Channel Islands.