Chestnut-brown or grey-brown moth with broad, round forewings. Central cross-band relatively broad in trailing half, with no waist, major indentation or scalloping. Single dark dash at wing tip distinctive between similar species Juniper Carpet which has several dark dashes near tip and scalloped central band.

Unlikely to be seen far from Common Juniper.

Adults are attracted to light. Overwinters as small larvae. Larvae occur from September to early June; pupates among leaves or fallen needles of foodplant.

Flight Season

Flies in July and August in one generation.

Size and Family

Family – Carpets, pugs and allies (Larentiinae)

Small to Medium sized

Wingspan range: 26-30 mm  

Conservation Status

UK BAP: Not listed

Nationally Scare B

Caterpillar Food Plants

Common Juniper (Juniperus communis)


Limestone downland, moorland, lightly wooded hillsides and rocky outcrops, including sea cliffs.


  • Countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • Widely and well distributed in Scotland. Locally found in Cumbria, Yorkshire, North and South Wales. Local in Western Ireland and the north west coast particularly Co. Donegal.
Chestnut-coloured Carpet - Peter Maton

Chestnut-coloured Carpet

Chestnut-coloured Carpet - Terry Whitaker

Chestnut-coloured Carpet

Chestnut-coloured Carpet (Caterpillar) - Barry Stewart

Chestnut-coloured Carpet (Caterpillar)