This species is very similar to the more common Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing although it usually has a broader black border on the upperside of the forewing that extends along the leading edge.  It has only been regarded as a distinct species since 1991.

Very little is known about their life-cycle in the UK.

Flight Times

It flies from July to September

Size and Family

  • Family – Darts, yellow underwings, clays and allies (Noctuinae)

  • Small sized

  • Wingspan Range – 35mm

Conservation Status

  • UK BAP: Not listed

  • Immigrant and probable colonist

Caterpillar Food Plants

Unknown in Britain.


Unknown in Britain


  • Countries – England

  • This species was first recorded in Britain in 2001, with most records coming from southern coastal counties. It is likely that it is now breeding in parts of southern England.