Very similar to the Treble-bar, with which it is easily confused. It is usually slightly smaller with less intense dark cross-bands. The angle of the narrow basal cross-band is slightly acute, the angle being quite sharp. The tip of the abdomen in both sexes is blunt, in the male of the Treble-bar it is pointed.

Readily disturbed by day from its foodplant or surrounding vegetation. Flies from dusk and after dark.

Size and Family

  • Family – Carpets and Allies (Larentiines)
  • Small Sized 
  • Wingspan Range - 32-38mm

Conservation status

    • UK BAP: Not listed
    • Common

    Caterpillar Food Plants

    St John’s-worts.


    Found in a range of habitats, including gardens, field margins, woodland rides, calcareous grassland, waste ground, sand dunes and sea-cliffs.


    • Countries – England, Wales
    • Mainly restricted to southern Britain, being found north through Wales to Cumbria and Co. Durham. Most frequent in the southern parts of its distribution. Rare on Jersey.
    Lesser Treble-bar by Dave Green

    Lesser Treble-bar

    Lesser Treble-bar - creaturesnapper

    Lesser Treble-bar

    Lesser Treble-bar - Lez Round

    Lesser Treble-bar

    Lesser Treble-bar - Donald Hobern

    Lesser Treble-bar