Poplar Hawk-moth - Rob Skinner

Moth recording is the foundation for protecting these beautiful and important animals.

Simply by noting down your sightings of moths, whether from kitchen window, back garden moth-trap or remote mountain top, you can make a real contribution to their conservation across the UK.

People have been studying moths in Britain for hundreds of years and moth recording is now more popular than ever. Moths Count offers many ways for people to get involved in this hugely enjoyable, stimulating and worthwhile activity. Find out why moth recording is important.

Anyone can help - you do not need to be an expert. You can do as much or as little as you like and you can record any larger (macro-) moth (or caterpillar) that you see.

Butterfly Conservation runs the following projects for moth recording:

  • The National Moth Recording Scheme - our flagship recording scheme for recording all larger moth species anywhere in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.
  • Moth Night - the annual celebration of moths and moth recording. Record somewhere new, invite friends or organise a public event. 
  • Migrant Watch - a simple, online survey for anyone who spots the amazing Humming-bird Hawk-moth or beautiful Painted Lady butterfly.
  • Big Butterfly Count - a simple, online survey of butterflies and day-flying moths aimed at people with no previous experience of recording.