The National Moth Recording Scheme (NMRS) is based upon a national network of County Moth Recorders. These skilled and dedicated volunteers act as the central point for moth recording in the county or counties that they cover.

They receive records, verify (check) and computerise them, and maintain a local database. Periodically - typically once a year - County Moth Recorders will transfer copies of all the records that they have received to the NMRS. The NMRS could not function without the enormous effort put in by County Moth Recorders in their free time.

Red Underwing - Iain Leach

An essential role of County Moth Recorders is to ensure the accuracy of the records that they receive. The many ways in which moth records can be used to improve conservation and knowledge will be severely compromised unless a high standard of accuracy is maintained in local and national data sets. County Moth Recorders will, from time to time, need to question the accuracy of records. Recorders should regard such queries as constructive efforts to safeguard data quality within the scheme.

Please submit all of your moth records to your County Moth Recorder. If you record moths in other parts of the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands, please forward your records to the appropriate County Moth Recorder.

Records submitted via the NMRS online recording system will also be passed automatically to County Moth Recorders. Records can only enter the National Moth Recording Scheme via a County Moth Recorder.

Current lists of contact details for County Moth Recorders are provided below

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