• Family - Waves (Sterrhines)
  • Small Sized

Conservation status

  • UK BAP:  not listed
  • Priority Species in Wales (‘Section 42’ list)
  • Nationally Notable

Particular Caterpillar Food Plants

Probably Heathers. Other moorland plants may also be used but this requires confirmation.


  • Countries – Wales
  • Only found in north-western Wales, and even here it is very local. Most often recorded in Caernarvonshire. There are additional records from Merionethshire and a single record from Montgomeryshire.


Mountains and moorlands, often with rocky outcrops.

Weaver’s Wave - Stuart Read

Weaver’s Wave

Weaver’s Wave - Ben Sale

Weaver’s Wave

Weaver's Wave  (D Taylor)

Weaver's Wave (D Taylor)