Did you know the Death’s-head Hawk-moth can squeak like a mouse? That the Mother Shipton moth has a witch’s face on its wing or that the caterpillar of the Puss Moth can shoot acid out of its bottom?

Death’s-head Hawk-moth - Adam Gor

Here at Butterfly Conservation we naturally think moths are fascinating, important and worth protecting.

But we know that not everybody gets a warm feeling when moths are mentioned. So, over the next 12 months, Butterfly Conservation are on a mission to change minds about moths.

Our ‘Moths Matter’ campaign will seek to wow people about the wonder of moths, to overturn moth myths and to showcase these beautiful insects in all their mothy glory.

We will show you why moths matter; how they play an important role in pollination, why they are key parts of the food chain and how they can often beat butterflies in the beauty stakes.

But like butterflies, the UK’s moths are in trouble with many once common species struggling in the face of habitat loss and climate change.

Each month, the Moths Matter campaign will focus on a different theme, from spotting springtime caterpillars, planting a garden to attract night-flying visitors, to hunting for Hawk-moths in hedgerows.

Butterfly Conservation will be running online moth quizzes and providing downloadable ID guides to help you get to grips with our most striking species.

Our experts will help boost your moth knowledge with blogs and video posts and we will explain how Butterfly Conservation is working to protect moths across the UK.

Garden Tiger - Iain Leach

And later in the year we will be asking wildlife-lovers to go moth-spotting in the dark to help us celebrate the 20th birthday of Moth Night, one of the UK’s most well know moth recording schemes

But for ‘Moths Matter’ to take off we need you get involved. Look out for the #MothsMatter hashtag on social media to get mothy.