The orange or golden scales in the central band of the forewing are characteristic of this moth and absent from the similar Grey Mountain Carpet, although worn examples can look very similar to the latter species. Darker individuals with less distinct golden colouring exist in Ireland, areas of Scotland and the Hebrides, this can make identification difficult between these two species as they are often found in the same habitats.

Can often be disturbed by day from resting on rocky surfaces or in crevices. Flies after dark.

Size and Family

  • Family – Carpets and Allies (Larentiines)
  • Medium Sized 

Conservation status

  • UK BAP: not listed
  • Scarce (Nationally Scarce B)

Caterpillar Food Plants

Feeds on the flowers, and sometimes the leaves, of English Stonecrop in parts of Scotland and on Mossy Saxifrage in Yorkshire.  Also found on Yellow and Purple Saxifrage and sometimes Roseroot.


Associated with limestone, being found in ravines and gorges among the hills and moorland.


  • Countries – England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland
  • Found in central, north-west, coastal west Scotland and the Inner Hebrides.  In England and Wales, the species is less frequent, restricted to parts of Yorkshire, Breconshire and Herefordshire and was recently rediscovered in Snowdonia.  It is recorded from the north coast of Ireland and maybe found elsewhere.
Yellow-ringed Carpet by Roy Leverton

Yellow-ringed Carpet