Doing nothing for nature? Firstly, thank you! Leaving our gardens alone during the winter months helps the butterflies and moths that are sheltering there make it through to spring. But, if you’re getting a bit restless, here are some ideas for alternatives to tidying the garden this winter...

Make Garden Plans for 2023

Take a rest while the garden is resting and make plans for new life in the months ahead. Read our Gardening Blog.! It’s full of hints and tips for making your garden as butterfly and moth friendly as possible. And, while you’re making plans, please do sign up to receive regular gardening news with our Monthly e-Newsletter.

Brush up on your butterfly ID skills

Spend some time brushing up on your butterfly ID skills with our online A-Z of UK butterflies. This means that in spring and summer when your garden is home to all those different species you left alone in winter, you can spot them as they flit around your garden. #DoNothingForNature

Read about the amazing world of caterpillars, butterflies and moths

Check out the books available to further your knowledge about these amazing and important creatures. They are the foundations of a thriving ecosystem so supporting them is so important for nature conservation. Whether you’re a fellow mothmatician or have a keen interest for specific caterpillars, our experts have a variety of texts and guides that will keep you occupied until you suddenly realised you’re halfway through summer! Get to know Butterfly Conservation's own mothmaticians by reading these interviews with George Tordoff, Zoe Randle and Phil Sterling.

Focus on selfcare

Put your feet up. Brew that tea. Take a moment to take stock and do some self care. It’s been a challenging few years to put it lightly and entering a new year can be a useful time to reflect and reset. Instead of getting out and about in the garden like usual, you can instead let nature thrive by simply taking some time for yourself. Remember those leaf piles can harbour lots of biodiversity so please do leave them be and give creatures a chance to grow and develop. Do something else instead of tidying the garden. This might be cosying up with an old favourite book, or sticking on a box set. Or pull your wellies on and go for a stroll? Whatever you decide to do – please do take some time for you!

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