Sir David A

Butterfly Conservation President Sir David Attenborough is urging all wildlife lovers to help take the pulse of UK nature by taking part in the Big Butterfly Count this summer.

Our butterflies, battered by bad weather and worrying population declines are in trouble, but you can do your bit to help them have a better future.

Sir David explained: “Last year’s washout weather proved a disaster for our butterflies; these conditions, coupled with ongoing long-term declines, means there are probably now fewer butterflies in the UK than at any point during my lifetime.

“Butterflies are vitally important. Their presence acts as a barometer of the health of our environment. Their ongoing decline tells us that all is not well in the British countryside.

Future generations may not be lucky enough to see butterflies in the same numbers we will experience this summer.

“But, it is not too late. You can help ensure that butterflies still bring that sense of magic to our summertime by taking part in the Big Butterfly Count.

“The Count will tell us if butterflies are recovering after a terrible year and it lets us know how they are faring in our back gardens, parks, fields, towns and cities.

“But more than that, the Count brings us face to face with Britain’s wildlife stars living right under our noses.

“If you care about butterflies make sure you take part in the Big Butterfly Count this summer.”