• Sending in Butterfly Records

    Thanks to technology it is easier than ever to send in sightings of butterflies. Thousands of records are received this way every year now, and it has helped open the world of butterfly recording to people who may never have recorded an insect. But how can you go about it?

  • Early Butterflies

    After February's phenomenal mini heatwave no less than 7 Butterfly species were recorded within the East Branch area. Very unusual. Here are a few of the photographs showing Speckled Wood (Robert Wright) Painted Lady (Jim Montana), Peacock and Comma (Iain Cowe)

  • Top nature experts confirmed for Coul Links inquiry in the Scottish Highlands

    Read here for the latest developments on the controversial plans to create a golf course at Coul Links near Embo, Sutherland, in the Highlands of Scotland. 

    BC has joined with a number of other organisations to try and protect the wide range of wildlife found at the site.

  • Scotland News: Butterfly sets up in the city

    A butterfly once restricted to a small part of Scotland is making a comeback by expanding its range in the countryside and moving into cities like Edinburgh and more recently, Aberdeen.

  • New moth discovered in Scotland

    A moth normally associated with southern England and Wales has been discovered in Scotland for the first time.


  • Peacock thrives in heatwave summer

    One of Scotland’s most striking butterflies, the Peacock, has experienced a record summer as it thrived in heatwave conditions, results from the Big Butterfly Count revealed.

  • Man the ramparts for marching butterflies

    History fans are being asked to take a closer look at castles this summer in a bid to track the changing fortunes of one of the UK’s most striking and overlooked butterflies.

  • Looking for the blues in Scotland

    Wildlife lovers across Scotland’s towns and cities are being asked to look out for the country’s only widespread blue butterfly this summer, amidst fears it could be struggling.

  • Small Blue Week: Big ask for Scotland’s smallest butterfly

    Wildlife lovers are being asked to help Scotland’s smallest butterfly, which has found itself in big trouble.

  • Butterfly breeds for first time in 130 years

    A declining butterfly may have started breeding in Scotland for the first time in 130 years, after eggs were discovered by amateur naturalists in Berwickshire earlier this month...

  • Butterfly discovered in Scotland after 130 year absence

    White-letter Hairstreak discovered in Scotland for the first time in 130 years

  • Saving Scotland’s Butterflies

    An innovative project to halt the decline of butterflies in urban areas of central Scotland has been launched in Glasgow - can you help?
  • Bringing back Scotland's urban butterflies

    People in central Scotland are being asked to help protect butterflies in their area, following the severe decline of three previously common species...
  • Green Gem Discovered By Pitlochry Pond

    An overlooked yet beautiful butterfly has been seen in much greater numbers than normal in Scotland this year...