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  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect. In Gloucestershire, we've borrowed a term associated with Chaos Theory, a curious idea that postulates that a butterfly flapping its wings in one place could cause a massive storm elsewhere.

  • European Butterflies Group, European Butterflies 2020 Calendar

    The European Butterflies Group, European Butterflies 2020 Calendar is available to purchase, £8 each or £15 for two, plus postage from: , or from the Annual General Meeting and Members Day at the IBIS hotel in Birmingham on Saturday 12th October.

    Cover photo, Dryad ( Minois dryas ) by Nigel Kiteley.


  • No let-up in net loss of UK’s nature

    The UK’s wildlife continues to decline according to the State of Nature 2019 report. The latest findings show that since rigorous scientific monitoring began in the 1970s there has been a 13% decline in average abundance across wildlife studied and that the declines continue unabated.

  • Holy Grail of moth recording reappears in Britain

    Numerous recent sightings of a moth that became extinct in the UK in the 1960s, suggest that it has recolonised and is now breeding across southern Britain.

  • The Year of the Painted Lady

    In just three weeks this summer, nearly half a million Painted Lady butterflies were counted as part of the 10th UK-wide Big Butterfly Count, run by Butterfly Conservation and sponsored by B&Q.

  • On the verge of something big

    UK wildlife charities have teamed up with England’s government advisor on natural environment to persuade local councils and landowners to help save our pollinators.

  • Mediterranean Blue Butterfly Invades Britain

    Climate change is causing a striking butterfly from southern Europe to appear in record-breaking numbers across the south of England, wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation can reveal.

  • Winnie the Pooh takes part in the Big Butterfly Count

    Winnie the Pooh is encouraging families to enjoy the great outdoors this summer by joining Butterfly Conservation’s Big Butterfly Count.

  • Blue Butterfly Boom in Summer Heatwave

    A beautiful blue butterfly which has been struggling for the last 40 years could be making a comeback.

  • Spot a once in a decade butterfly phenomenon

    Chris Packham is urging wildlife lovers to take part in the world’s largest insect citizen science survey to help reveal if the UK is experiencing a once in a decade butterfly phenomenon.

  • Extinct butterfly breeds in English first

    A previously extinct butterfly has bred successfully in an English woodland for the first time in more than 40 years as part of the ambitious conservation project, Back from the Brink.

  • UK moths battling unfair reputation

    Around three quarters of the UK population (74%) have some negative opinion of moths, with many people believing the majority eat clothes and are pests, a study has revealed.

  • Identification Guide to Large and Medium Fritillaries

    This photographic guide helps to identify the Large and Medium Fritillaries (Argynnis, Brenthis, Issoria) and separate them from the Small Fritillaries (Boloria, Euphydryas and Melitaea)

    The following species are described in detail: Cardinal [Argynnis pandora], Silver-washed Fritillary [Argynnis paphia], Dark Green Fritillary [Argynnis aglaja], High Brown Fritillary [Argynnis adippe], Niobe Fritillary [Argynnis niobe], Queen of Spain Fritillary [Issoria lathonia], Marbled Fritillary [Brenthis daphne], Lesser Marbled Fritillary [Brenthis ino], Twin-spot Fritillary [Brenthis hecate], Corsican Fritillary [Argynnis elisa], Pallas’s Fritillary [Argynnis laodice]   

    The guide is available to download as a free PDF from the European Butterflies Group website.

  • Butterflies bounce back in heatwave summer

    UK butterflies bounced back in 2018 following a string of poor years, thanks in part to last year’s heatwave summer, a study has revealed.

  • Street lights affect wildflower pollination

    Street lighting operating all night can alter the natural pollination of a common wildflower, a study involving Butterfly Conservation (BC) has revealed.

  • Updated checklist of European Butterflies

    An updated checklist of European Butterflies has just been published. See here for the link to the article:

    Article by: Martin Wiemers, Emilio Balletto, Vlad Dincă, Zdenek Faltynek Fric, Gerardo Lamas, Vladimir Lukhtanov, Miguel L. Munguira, Chris A.M. van Swaay, Roger Vila, Albert Vliegenthart, Niklas Wahlberg, Rudi Verovnik.

  • Environment Bill

    In July 2018 Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the Government would bring forward an Environment Bill. Butterfly Conservation (BC) understand that Defra are working on the draft of the Bill, to cover England and reserved matters in devolved countries, and this will be published before Christmas.

  • European Butterflies Group 2019 Calendar

    The European Butterflies Group Calendar is available to purchase from, £8 each or £15 for two plus postage, or from our Annual General Meeting in Birmingham on Saturday 1st December 2018. Featured picture, Southern Hermit by Barry Staley from the month of November.

  • Constanti Stefanescu picks up European Marsh Award 2018 

    Constanti Stefanescu has received the European Marsh Award 2018.

  • The nocturnal pollinators: scientists reveal the secret life of moths

    Scientists have discovered that moths may play a much broader role as plant pollinators than previously suspected.

  • Small Tortoiseshell crashes despite heatwave

    Numbers of one of the UK’s best known garden butterflies have plummeted this summer despite the record-breaking hot weather, results from the Big Butterfly Count have revealed.

  • Scottish Ministers step in to make final decision on controversial golf course proposals

    Scottish Ministers have “called-in” plans for a golf course at Coul Links near Embo, East Sutherland after deciding that the case is of ‘national importance’.

  • The Prince of Wales takes part in Big Butterfly Count

    The Prince of Wales has recorded dozens of butterflies while taking part in the world’s largest butterfly survey at his home in Highgrove, Gloucestershire.

  • Attenborough: ‘Watching butterflies is good for you!’

    Sir David Attenborough has spoken of the mental health benefits of watching butterflies as he urged the public to take part in the world’s biggest butterfly survey over the next three weeks.

  • Latest trends in butterfly indicators revealed

    In the UK, since 1976, the habitat specialists butterflies index has fallen by 77%, whilst wider countryside abundance is down by 46%.

  • March of the micros

    An increasing number of new moth species are arriving and settling in the UK as a result of the global reach of the horticultural trade and the changing climate, moth experts today revealed.

  • Extinct butterfly flies again

    The Chequered Skipper has been returned to England after 40 year absence

  • Titchmarsh: “Make a metre for pollinators”

    Alan Titchmarsh is calling on gardeners to make a metre for wildlife this summer by providing a refuge for struggling butterflies, moths and other pollinators.

  • Butterfly revival dashed by wet, gloomy weather

    Major study reveals another tough summer for UK butterflies

  • Churchill's favourite butterfly to return

    Climate change has provided a window of opportunity for a previously extinct butterfly