Here in the UK we live in one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Nature is in crisis and urgent action must be taken to protect our environment, including butterflies, moths, and their habitats.

This is why we are appalled with last week’s Government announcement that they intend to downgrade environmental protections. If this is allowed to happen it could shatter any chance of meeting legally-binding climate and nature targets, and result in huge environmental losses that may be impossible to recover.

We’re working together with other organisations to take action and seek reassurance that the Government will not renege on their 2021 Environment Act promise to guarantee that the natural world is protected and restored for the next generation and that the environment is at the front and centre of the Government’s work. In the meantime, please do contact your own MP and insist that they be a voice for nature recovery and ensure protections for wildlife and the environment across the whole of the UK.