Staff at Butterfly Conservation (BC) work very closely with a range of researchers, from students to professors in both the UK and across Europe, to analyse data collected by our volunteers, staff and partners and to ensure that our conservation work is evidence-based.

 At the core of our research are the recording and monitoring schemes which gather data collected on behalf of the thousands of citizen scientists contributing to these schemes. They include the United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS); the Butterfly distributional data held in the Butterflies for the New Millennium dataset (BNM) and the National Moth Recording Scheme (NMRS) data. These schemes hold long-term data that is used extensively across a range of research topics including weather and climate change, distributional change in Lepidoptera, light pollution and population biology.

 At the end of March BC will launch an e-newsletter exploring the wide range of science that we are involved with. The e-newsletter will highlight and review recent scientific papers of interest on Lepidoptera, particularly those where we have collaborated using our data.

 The e-newsletter will also reveal how we apply the results of this work to our projects to ensure that our conservation action is always grounded in best-practice science.

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