Double donations are back! 

From midday today, 18 April 2024 have your donation doubled in the Big Give Green Match fund up to the sum of £20,000. Your donations are being matched by incredible donors who wish to see Butterfly Conservation's work in Northern Ireland and across the UK increase. 

Northern Ireland is home to populations of butterflies and moths that are at a huge risk of decline. Species such as the Cryptic Wood White, Marsh Fritillary, Dingy Skipper and the Irish plume are facing threats from habitat loss, plunging populations into freefall. But with Butterfly Conservation's knowledge and skills we can turn this trend around, and bring species back from the brink. Please donate today!

With your help today, we aim to increase capacity to provide conservation advice, and support improved habitat management where it is needed the most. Developing new landscape-scale conservation projects. Benefitting not just the butterflies and moths that reside there, but the wider flora and fauna of Northern Ireland and the UK. These aims will provide incredible new opportunities for volunteers across Northern Ireland. With Butterfly Conservation's guiding hand we can provide training and support to volunteer groups by leading events and providing equipment. 

Northern Ireland is home to incredible key habitats such as peatland, a crucial carbon store and haven for wildlife. But with only 15% of this peatland in good condition these populations face an uncertain future. Please consider a donation today, and show your support for butterflies and moths in the UK. 

Donations to this appeal will support this project as well as other vital conservation work across the UK. Any excess funds to this campaign will be used for other urgent conservation needs to save butterflies, moths and the environment across the UK. 

Green Match fun - double donation infographic